Should school uniforms be abolished? Against A uniform is a distinguishing symbol of a school and gives a sense of belonging to all the students who wear it * A uniform is a distinguishing mark of a school and gives a sense of belonging. * If dress is standardized, the wealthier students would have no scope to outdo the poorer ones. This prevents the development of inferior and resentful feelings among the less fortunate. * Some students inappropriately wear bold colors and daring fashion bordering on indecency. * Uniforms are inexpensive.

They are usually chosen for their durability. * Students are equal with uniforms. * I think that school uniform shouldn't be banned in schools. * No, I don't think so. The reason for this is because if people wear different clothes (like some wear designer brands and others don't), it may cause bullying and discrimination. Also, schools uniforms help make students look equal which is good. Also, if you go on a school trip it's easier to recognize which children belong to which school, so if they get lost someone can easily help them. * school uniforms must not be banned n the motion, should school uniforms be banned, i greatly disagree on that. That’s a very big shame on their side. School uniforms must not be banned because uniform is one of the sign which the school prepared for their students to be categorized by other peoples. We all know, that their parents are hard working for them to educate their children in school that requires uniform. we also have to think about them. Another one is, when a student’s wear their uniforms, it’s a sign of formality, because these uniforms are clothes that represent their school and success. * NO

No i don't think school uniforms should be banned because some people can not afford much clothes and for students who have to where a school uniform they are lucky that they don't have i look for things to wear or worry about being teased because they don't have any new clothes or anything. i think having a uniform is a good thing * If uniforms are forced upon students then why should the students have to pay? Going along with this idea, think of all the impoverished families out there who are spending all their money on giving their child a good education by sending them to private school, or a school that requires uniform.

Do they really need their less fortunate children to be teased and bullies by the more fortunate children in school for their tattered or worn clothing that represents their parent's economic status? Uniforms help to make all the student body equal, especially in this day and age when even the youngest kids can be so spiteful and cold to their peers. * Parents Should Switch Schools If They Don't Like It Many private schools have uniform requirements and strict dress codes. If parents don't like their kids wearing uniforms, they can simply switch schools.

This is America with the freedom to choose. The same is true for private schooling. No one has to attend one particular school over another. School uniforms shouldn't be banned whatsoever simply because it's a free world. * Shouldn't be banned.. When I was in school, I always thought the idea of school uniforms was silly. Now that I am older, I feel like this concept is a good idea. In public schools, there is such a wide variety of families from low income, to middle class, to wealthy. Unfortunately, in today's society, so many pay attention to their appearance.

I think kids who's parents can't afford the name brand clothes begin to feel bad and have lower self esteem. If everyone has to dress the same, they have nothing to compare themselves to. * No, I believe school uniforms should not be banned because they create equality among students. I believe that school uniforms should be more widely used and not banned because it creates equality among children and takes away the status quo. By removing labels from clothing more than just the problem of inequality is prevented. It also solves many instances of bullying, parental stress, and childhood depression for starters.

I believe all children deserve acceptance, and with school uniforms it gives them an advantage. Why take this advantage away? * For! * The adolescent is denied the freedom of choice which is the right of every individual. * It denies the adolescent the opportunity to use discretion, form judgements and exercise responsibility. * It is a form of regimentation not in accordance with democratic ideals. * Uniforms can be restrictive in times of climatic variation. * uniforms are horrible and expensive. I think they should be because uniforms are horrible and expensive.

Uniforms are horrible. They are bland. Every day it's the same thing. Schools could have allocated days for uniforms. For example, going on an excursion, a check-up day or even a formal assembly. School uniforms usually cost a lot of money. A school jumper is probably one hundred dollars and the whole uniform is likely to be more than five hundred dollars. Children don't have to wear expensive clothes. If they're getting teased by their friends because they're not wearing designer clothes, they are not true friends and they can easily move away from the group.

All my t-shirts are less than thirty dollars most of the time because I don't have a lot of money. I don't see anyone teasing me. * * They cause lack of expression in students. Do you express you through the way you dress? Most students do that's the only way some students can. Other students from other schools make fun of the school uniforms that some schools have. Witch causes trouble adjusting to being an adult. Witch affects a student or adult to stutter in day to day task * We all have a right to wear random clothing. Casual clothing expresses someone's fashion on how they can be.

If you wear school uniform, you have to pay for it. It may cost about $20 or more then you may grow out of that size and you have to pay for it again and again. What a waste of money when you could be spending that money for something in great need, don't you agree with me? So that's why I think wearing school uniforms should be banned. * * We all have a right to wear random clothing. We all have a right to wear random clothing. Casual clothing expresses someone's fashion on how they can be. If you wear school uniform, you have to pay for it.

It may cost about $20 or more then you may grow out of that size and you have to pay for it again and again. What a waste of money when you could be spending that money for something in great need, don't you agree with me? So that's why I think wearing school uniforms should be banned. * School Uniforms Send the Wrong Message While uniforms undeniable create some equality among students, they also give pupils the wrong idea. Uniforms are teaching kids that whenever they face diversity, the solution is to simply make everyone the same.

This is a problem, especially since some differences, like race or size, cannot be changed. School uniforms should be banned because they give students the wrong idea. * * School uniform should not be compulsory at public schools Because people go to public schools to save money and uniforms and saving money it just puts you in dept for something you don't want to wear, which is a BIIIIIGGGG waste of money for something they don't enjoy wearing or look good in also some teachers don't like the uniform * * The belief that school uniforms give a sense of equality among students is only true to a certain extent.

First, it only gives equality to students who are studying in the same school. Based on my personal experience, there is no equality at all when students from many different schools are gathered in one place. When this happens, one could see a lot of differences. Some are wearing the uniform of an obscure school, some are wearing the uniform of an average school, while some others are wearing the uniform of an elite school. By looking at this alone, we do not need to be a neurosurgeon to see that equality is absent here. Biasness may even occur.

People will certainly have better impressions towards those from elite schools. If those students are gathered in the room when they are wearing their own clothes, there won't be any difference as nobody knows where each one of them is studying. Therefore, impressions won't be formed based on the color of their uniforms anymore. Some students who are not in elite schools may even feel down when wearing the uniform, while some students in elite schools wear their uniform so proudly that they even wear it on public holidays. I have seen people from elite schools who are wearing their uniform on a Sunday) Also, school uniform won't be so effective in bridging the gap between the affluent students and the poorer students. There are other factors that have to be considered. For example, some students may bring expensive laptop computers to school to aid in their studies while some students are not even able to purchase a textbook. We could see the difference in them even though they are all wearing the same school uniform. *