There is Philippine public administration because there is governance ever since. There is a Philippine public administration when we consider its major areas. But the quality of public administration in our country is not consistent through the government .

Why? Cause the Corruption in some government offices in our country is a way of life and this has kept progress in our country snail-paced. Imagine $48 billion dollar is lost to graft and corruption over the past 20 years and at National Budget only of government funds is really spend in programs and projects. If we compare our economies to U. S.

, Japan, and Singapore, public servants carry out their duties normally at all times, and if anyone in public office commits unethical act he/she is met swiftly with disciplinary action and even public scorn.We should also look the pork barrels have not been abolished; thus public administration in our country is subject to whatever is the prevailing political climate among the Senate, Congress, and the Chief Executives office. Nationwide there are public elementary schools and public high school and public hospital, but the state of public education and public lath service in our country is pathetic in some areas.Because only 1% of public high school student pass the entry into college and our poor die unnecessarily in public hospitals because of inadequate hospital equipment and medical materials.

Public administration here in the Philippines must at all times, be attuned to implement the governments programs concerning the welfare of the people and fully understood by the people in this effort. Philippine public administrations role in the society, since the dawn of organized governments revolves around the concept of public service.The impact of public administration in every peoples lives is truly undeniable. Together with the ever changing needs and desire of the people is the ever changing character, structure, nature and scope of Philippine public administration.

The government, the civil society, and the business sector should work together as one, to achieve the over all goal of the government.