Wal-mart is the most powerful business in America because it sets standards for America as a whole. Wal-mart is one of America’s most leading discount stores making it more favorable to consumers. Wal-mart makes things convenient by having everything you need in one store at the cheapest price. Wal-mart has an amazing strategy of making things seem cheap; however, it’s an illusion. I believe the United States hasn’t benefitted from Wal-Mart in multiple ways. Walmart has taken advantage of their opening price point. They’re strategy is bringing out the cheapest item in front of an aisle and pulling you towards it, however, as you are pulled towards it, you are led into higher priced items creating the illusion that the whole aisle is at a lower price as well. Consumers fall for it and buy it and that’s how Wal-mart makes a tremendous amount of profit. So does tricking consumers really make Wal-mart a good corporation for America? Another reason why Wal-mart isn’t good for America is pay cuts and job losses. According to PBS Frontline, "over 1 million jobs have been lost to China." Jobs that used to be easy to get in America are being lost to China, like steel workers and plastic workers, just for companies like Wal-mart. Wal-mart has too much power over smaller manufacturers. They buy cheap imports which hurt American blue-collar workers tremendously. This shows that Wal-mart is not good for America.