In the case of NFG and NAB, the lack of international games works in their favor. Since the audience does not support the sectional team every month, it is easier for them to support the home side and look at every other side as rivals. For cricket, this is not plausible given that, for 10 months In a year, an Indian viewer supports the 15 players who play for India.

To suddenly ask them to support a city side and consider another Indian player a rival Is a tough ask.This Is where the marketing of the PILL teams has faltered slightly in previous years. Cricket is a religion in India and most of the spectators who thronged the PILL In Its first two seasons came to watch the cricket first and then support their home side, if they felt eke doing so. If the franchises had used 'cricket' as a brand and aggressively promoted the stadium experience. They could have achieved better results. A Decca Chargers game with Iambi Indians should have had publicity that featured Caching Denatured.

Once the spectators were In the stadium, the strategy should have then shifted to converting them into loyal fans of the home city. Cricket is still the big draw for a lot of Indians and fans also support other teams that feature their favorite players. The ticket structure also needs some base is to have repeat audience who come regularly to the game. Like the NFG, selling season tickets is a way of increasing the fan base.

A prepaid, discounted season pass also ensures a high percentage of repeat audience since those who have a pass would not like to waste it.Franchises should also try to bring in people at the half-way stage of a game, selling available tickets at reduced prices to attract crowds. There are other initiatives the PILL could consider, around the idea of season tickets. For instance, giving season-ticket holders extra privileges, like interactions with players, discounted rates for merchandise and access to choose their seats.

Franchises would also infinite considerably in tying up with universities and colleges, giving youth access to season passes.The masses who make up the vast majority of the crowd at a stadium should be encouraged to buy more than one ticket at a time for a free franchise fan t-shirt. While the free merchandise is tempting, it will also increase the number of people wearing team colors on game day, creating a sense of loyalty with the team. Another factor that works against the PILL is the timing of the matches. The pm and pm slots do not help the office-going audience.Moving the games to pm and pm, and ensuring that they end on time will bring more peculator to the game.

Until the PILL began, April was a month for big movie releases. Marketing for the PILL can also involve attracting the movie-going public to the game. This can be done by either showcasing the three-hour game as an alternate entertainment experience at the stadium or by having live screenings of matches in theatres. The experience of watching players on the big screen in a stadium-like atmosphere at a low cost is an attractive prospect.Lastly, sustaining year-round loyalty when a difficult task. Having franchises develop their teams by having under-1 5, under-17, under-19 and under-21 tournaments erotically, without compromising domestic schedules, will help the franchise reach out to loyal fans and also build fan bases for local players who impress as they rise through the ranks.

There was a huge buzz in the city of Iambi as MAX came to the city to bring the Pepsi PILL 2013 fever to them.Massive housing society activations were witnessed with electrifying activities Outside Convivial Thacker village, Outside Cafe Coffee Day, Lackawanna Sahara and Carter road, Sandra which engaged even the women and children and ensured wholesome family entertainment through the day. With the aim of popularizing the signature Pepsi PILL 2013 once moves and making it a sensation, MAX took the activity a notch higher and gave the audience a chance to showcase their talent at video booths which were set up at Oberon Mall, Gorgon in the city, giving them a chance to win exciting goodies.MAX plans to leave the nation in a trance dancing to the tune of the PEPSI PILL 2013.

Leaving no stone unturned to make the PEPSI PILL 2013 a huge success; MAX also targeted various public places like Infinity Mall, Malady , Infinity Mall Andrei and Sandra Bandstand where surprised onlookers participated along with dance flash mobs. This activity was intended to encourage the rood to Join in, participate in the dance and learn the PEPSI PILL 2013 dance moves. Marketing Strategies of The main driver of revenues for sports these days is television, and cricket is no exception.The media has played a role in highlighting very large broadcast deals for sports like football and cricket. Such sports clubs generate substantial revenues from man merchandising, which runs to billions every year.

Similarly, the major revenue stream for the PILL is sponsorship, sale of broadcast rights and gate receipts at matches (Website, MIR Publications). The cricket league has followed an array of arresting and branding strategies in order to popularize the franchise, most of which have been enormously successful.Some of these strategies include creating online traffic through blob published by PILL franchise owner and Plywood megastar Shah Rush Khan, hiring international cheerleaders, organizing talent shows across the country and telecasting maximum advertisements during matches on prime time during evenings. For instance, Delhi Daredevils owner Relegate, an investment firm has invested RSI.

40 million annually in branding and marketing its team (Website, Spoilsports). Its marketing strategies include selling merchandise such as the players' Jerseys.The tournament's official advertising and marketing strategies are planned and executed by Googol and Matter, world's premier advertising firm. With television, radio, print and outdoor advertisements like the "Cricket aka Karamazov", the creators have managed to generate more hype and a loyal fan base.

Sponsorship from some of the world's most popular brands such as Nooks, Tag Here, The Telegraph and Belmont has also managed to create an advertising blitzkrieg. For instance, Nooks has followed a 360-degree approach with a Judicious mix of print, electronic and chital media.It has also carried out road shows in cities like Kola in April 2010. Overall, some of the marketing strategies adopted by PILL in its three years of existence can be listed as follows: Auctioning the different radio and TV channels. Advertising the important thing that is talked about in which the foreign girls attracting a huge crowd [Beseechers V D, 2006] .

Auctioning the players participating in the tournament of 'PL. The locations or the place chosen for the cricket matches is a strategic choice of places which are named after the franchisees which helped to attract the people [Mao P, 2002] .The timing of PILL has shown its strategic application by choosing the evening time for the matches, which makes the people to watch the game comfortably and with enjoyment. The gala of the opening ceremony is encountered with a Live Concert.

The franchises are taken by the film stars like lull shawl, Shrunk Khan, Pretty Zinnia etc are the center of attraction which makes the Plywood stars come for the game [Bayle R, 2000] . The commentators are not less than the use of phrases that pleased the sponsors made them to pay more. The Indian Premier League uses Plywood stars as anchors. The promotion is done bySashay Kumar for Delhi daredevils and Shrunk khan for Kola knight riders. The marketing strategies and strong branding initiatives have helped the tournament attain an overall brand value of USED 4. 1 billion in 2010 (Website, Liabilities).

Although the English Premier League is valued much more at USED 12 billion, researchers are of the opinion that the PILL has much better prospects of growth, fuelled by audience and sponsors. In March 2010, the tournament announced a brand new, enormous marketing campaign worth USED 30 million on promoting the league through channels such as television, newspapers, Internet and mobiles (Mint News port).The major drive behind creating the strategy was to invoke team loyalty among the audiences. It is set to be bigger, with marketing campaigns going global in the next 2 years.

The strategies are formulated on rather than Just a match. PILL AUCTION : FINANCIAL GAMBLE AND STRATEGY Glitz glamour bogeymen and of course cricket has been synonymous with the Indian Premier league over the past 3 years. However before the auction took place this morning everyone was skeptical about the continuity and success of PILL because of the absence of one man who single handedly had created it and made it such a big success.However after witnessing the auctions for the past 7 hours one can easily say that the future of PILL is indeed bright.

Indian Premier League 2011 auction held at Bangor on 08 the January 2011 saw 350 of the biggest superstars of cricket go under the hammer. So is PILL really on top of the mind of these big corporate or is it Just an entertainment package for them. After following the auctions closely we can say that it pretty well meant business for them and they all had clear strategies in place which we plan to analyze.To start off the franchisees had $75 Mn at their disposal to be spent at the auction. The PILL financial have always involved huge sums of money longtime the glamour and glitz.

So now let's try to analyze how the franchisees went about bidding process. The first shocker came when the first player went in for auction. Yes right, Augusta Gambler was bought by Kola Knight Riders for an astonishing $2. 4 Mn.

Agreed that he is a good player but the price simply surprised many. But in the hindsight we can say that Gambler is being considered for a leadership role and won't be surprised if he leads KIRK in PILL 4.This shows a clear strategy to build the team around him. Similarly the two new franchisees Pun and Koch needed a captain ND have opted for Yuba and Jardinière though it has cosseted them a lot. Similarly Punjab went in for a new face in the form of him.

This was not the case for Iambi, Achaean, Restaurants and Delhi as they had already retained Denatured, Danni, Warner and Seesaw. However the same cannot be said about who actually would lead Royal Challengers Bangor and Decca Chargers as no one can be considered as a captaincy material from the team that has been picked.Further as the auction progressed one thing was pretty clear the franchisees were keen on picking up Indian players at a higher price as compared to their fancied international underpants. The last 3 editions of PILL has made them smarter as they now know that it is the Indian cricketers who form the crux as each team can pick up only 4 foreigners. So the team which has performed well in the last 3 editions has been the one in which the Indian players performed well. Thus the Indian players were in greater demand and a total of $ 38.

Mn was spent on 38 players as compared to $ 30 Mn spent on 46 foreigners. The top Indian players were in great demand and the Path family had a great day as they raked in $4 Mn. So on an average each Indian player was bought for $1 Mn. However there as complete madness in the auction as well. Consider Chris Galley remaining unsold as this guy can win the game single handedly. And also majority of the TTT World cup winning English squad remained unsold with the exception of Petersen, Broad and Cowlings.

However the absolute shocker for the Indian fans would have been the way our ex-superstars namely Gangly, Dravidian and Legman were treated by the franchisees. Gangly remained unsold and the other two were Just bought above their base price. This shows that the franchisees were looking for young blood and were thinking about the future. Finally let's have a look at those teams which detained players. Cricketing icon and deem- god Caching Denatured was retained by its not only adds value as a player to the Iambi Indians side but also is an unparalleled favorite crowd puller amongst the contemporary cricketers across the world.

Brand Caching would not only add value to its franchisee as a player, but would also be useful in marketing, sponsorships, branding, merchandising etc. Same is the case with Danni and was rightly retained by Achaean. However as the day progressed it was clear a few franchisees had a strategy in place and a few were simply blank. Take the case of Achaean, they were interested only in retaining heir old squad and were bidding only for those who were in their squad the last year. They looked disinterested in other players and were hardly bidding for them.

Iambi had a good strategy in place and they went all out for Riot Sahara whom they had missed last time around. It would be great to see how Denatured will manage Symons and Hartmann now. Punjab in the morning session were completely out of sync with the proceedings but made some aggressive moves in the afternoon session and at one point of time they almost had a fight with the Mall's over Thwart. Pun did a good Job and have a balanced side with a good mix of Indian and reign players.