The Personal computer House PLC is a prime Information and communications engineering company of Sri Lanka, engaged in supplying clients with high criterion, resilient solutions through cutting border engineering. The company was established by airy laminitis Mr. S.H.M Rishan, in 1997 with the purpose of doing Information Technology effortlessly accessible & A ; more concessionary to the Sri Lankan Public.

AMore than a decennary subsequently, the Personal computer HOUSE presently offers assorted scope of merchandises and proficient services including office mechanization equipment, computing machines and accoutrements, audio ocular equipment, web and communicating devices, publishing solutions, package solutions and informations gaining control & A ; informations entry service.Currently Company has 19 local subdivisions and 10 retail salesrooms, handily located in the major metropoliss, including the Northern & A ; Eastern state. This ensures carry throughing the turning IT demands that have arisen following the station war development.AWith to the full fledged gross revenues mercantile establishments throughout the island, an extended merchandise portfolio & A ; a strong presence in the local market, the Company is the preferable Information and communications engineering merchandise and service supplier for the bulk of the Corporate and Retail consumers across Sri Lanka.

In its chase for excellence in presenting better-quality merchandises and services to local clients, the company has entered into a series of strategic partnerships and confederations with internationally outstanding ICT companies. As a consequence, company has had the honor of presenting internationally celebrated trade names such as Intel, Microsoft, Dell, Samsung, BitDefender, Gigabyte, Power Tree, G & A ; D, Optoma, Kyocera, Norton, Belkin, Corel etc. to the local IT market.ATraveling Beyond its bing concern, Personal computer House has ventured into IT substructure, system integrating and concern application solutions via its subordinate Greenwich Lanka Pvt Ltd ( GLPL ) . Furthermore the company has besides entered the more good ICT services sections of BPO ( Business procedure outsourcing ) and KPO ( Knowledge Process Outsourcing ) through its other subordinate - Procifinity Pvt Ltd. Future plans include - doing an entry into the IDC ( International Data Corporation ) market, with a broad scope of IDC services for corporate clients.

AThe Personal computer House PLC consists of seven members of Board of Directors with Mr. S.H.M.

Rishan ( chairman/managing manager ) , four non-executive manager and two non-executive independent managers.Company chief office situated at 451, Galle RoadA Colombo 03 capital of Sri Lanka.PCH is being audited by SJMS Associates and bankers are Seylan Bank PLC, Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, NDB Bank PL, People 's Bank and Union bank.The Personal computer House PLC Vision`` To be the leader of high growing diversified concern with a planetary presence '' AThe Personal computer House PLC MissionA`` We will passionately prosecute in supplying clients with choice solutions through advanced engineering, supply our people with first-class growing chances and go the corporate inspiration to stakeholders '' AAim of the administrationThe chief aims for Personal computer House in by and large is the undermentioned,To make better fast service that exceeds consumer 's possible. Personal computer house besides aims to offer the Sri Lanka 's largest scope of quality merchandises, with the lowest monetary values, backed by specializer and professional service.

Business Activities of the administrationRecruitment procedureAs a premier ICT organisation personal computer house offer to use to the gifted people for develop their calling and develop their cognition to the maximal bounds of their endowment. Frequently they consider educational and professional makings, person 's competency, professionalism, trueness, duty, assurance, creativeness and public presentation to offer a calling way. Equally good as adaptability to work as a squad and decide emphasis and challenges.At the start The PCH follows below object to choose employees for their dynamic environment.Identify vacancies.

Prepare occupation description.Employee specification.Advertising the vacancy.Administration the feedback.InterviewsStaffing & A ; legal demandsIdentify vacancies.

In every subdivision trough 's meeting they are concentrating about their staff and discuss departure of employee, work burden, suspension, reassignment, publicity, demotion, remotion and expiration, and see whether truly hold vacancy if it has to replenish desperately or non, and whether should the work be restructured or outsourced?If it is an pressing vacancy they consider old application or seek to acquire good experience individual from rival to make full the vacancy.If it is non pressing state of affairs conceder their concern development programs, result of the vacancy.As good as consider competition of the market to make vacancies.Prepare occupation descriptionIn this phase vacancies are categorized into four. Those are Management, Marketing, Engineering and Labours and make up one's mind are vacancies lasting or impermanent and full-time or parttime.

Stipulating the employee responsibilities and duties of the occupation. The Personal computer House HR section discuss with relevant supervisor and same place holder to do new employees occupation functions. It is more convenience to do list the responsibilities, duties and relationships involved in the occupation function and specify the installations station holder will hold.Employee specification.HR section makes required making and accomplishments should candidate fulfil for different occupation functions and look up to properties like experience, particular Skills and cognition, professional making, personal qualities.

Advertising the vacancy.Company reach the campaigners on the short list who applied for old occupation functions to look into that they are still interested in the occupation to happen right individuals for occupation functions before advertise the vacancy.Ad is contribute important event for attract specialised individuals to occupation function. Hence company advertise independently instead than utilize an bureau.

The Personal computer House is used intelligence documents, specialist publications such as the magazines of professional organic structures or trade associations, internet enlisting sites with the thought of acquiring enthusiastic and motivated employees who is able to work good in a assortment of state of affairss without consider publicizing cost.Administration the feedback.Categorize the application which campaigners are send to the occupation function is non easy undertakings so they are utilizing web base on line procedure package to gaining control and fiting campaigners against the demands HR section have defined. This online system is shortlist the eligible campaigners and inform at one time who non eligible for farther enlisting procedure. Thereafter select the campaigners to inform to interview.InterviewsCompany arrange interview to whom eligible for occupation function.

First make telephone conversation with to look into campaigner 's linguistic communication adaptability, possibility of doing relationship with others and their involvement in the administration and the place. If the company satisfy with the quality of presentation of campaigners Contact those do wish to interview every bit rapidly as possible with the supervisor or director, and set up a day of the month and clip for interview.Staffing & A ; legal demands

legal demands

some indicant of the salary scopeYou 'll derive a major chance to recognize your possible in a rewarding career.AStaffing activities carried outBenefitsAwe systematically display high staff satisfaction degrees across a set of 09 different measurings. This means if you work for us you will bask: AGood calling construction, chances and chancesExcellent fiscal bundle and attractive fillipslife and medical insurance strategiesHealth and wellbeing enterprisesA scope of flexible working optionsExciting and friendly working environmentExcellent squad spirit and chumminessA good work-Family life balance.The security of a big, reputable companyCareer ProgressionAAs one of the Asiatic states of Sri Lanka is most outstanding companies we are continually spread outing and edifice on our success.

We late relocated to modern new offices to let for farther enlargement in the hereafter. Traveling forward we are in a place to offer even more career chances.Why non fall in a great company with a all right history and an even better hereafter? AYou 'll derive a major chance to recognize your possible in a rewarding career.ASelection procedure and assessment of the peopleStaffing activities carried out