It is my pleasure to apply for the position of internship for September 2012 for my master's in social work at your renowned Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Am from Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work and I would like to start my internship as a social work in your esteemed children’s hospital. The main reason for this interest is on the basis that Hasbro Children's Hospital has a challenging and intensive work environment which will give me the chance to work with different patients and medical professionals from diverse backgrounds. Earning an internship at Hasbro Children's Hospital will be one of the greatest achievements in my life. The population that I am interested in working with is either pediatrics or trauma patients. This is because apart from giving me advance in knowledge supportive counseling of pediatrics or trauma patients at Hasbro Children's Hospital, the internship also equips individualswith skills required to work in the dynamic field of social work.

I would like to be engaged in medical social work based internship because it will develop my skills of assessing client’s needs, while recommending appropriate referral for services for the pediatrics and trauma patients. The internship at Hasbro Children's Hospital will be a success because I have worked with children and families for 11 years. This experience has taught me that working with children's lives always means working with a family. My previous work experience at Massachusetts Department of Children and Families equipped me with knowledge of coming up with medical service plans for clients and conducting periodic case reviews.

It also equipped me with the knowledge of organizing out of home placement of children into foster, adoptive, residential homes and other social service agencies when appropriate. In addition, my work experience at Bradley Hospital gave me knowledge of developping and implementing behavioral programs for developmentally disabled children and assisting patients with integration into the community. At Bridges Incorporated, I worked with developmentally delayed adults, planned and promoted client’s activities and encouraged them to develop competency. The above working experience will give an advantage especially in working with trauma or pediatrics patients in the hospital. It is therefore with heartfelt conviction that I enthusiastically present my application to be considered for the internship position for September 2012 at Hasbro Children's Hospital.

I have an exceptional research motivation and capability of my master's program in social work. This is coupled with outstanding communication skills when dealing with children on educational assistance, social skills and advocacy skills. More importantly, I am a hardworking and humble person and I will greatly appreciate it if you will favorably consider my application for the internship program.