Benson can do to figure out his connectivity problems. After searching windows help and using Google I came up with some steps for him to follow In order to solve the problem. Starting with Information through Windows Help, the first thing that Benson needs to do Is check his network connections by opening up Network diagnostics.

He will then check to make sure all cables are connected properly. Since he Is trying to connect to another computer he will need to have file and printer sharing enabled on his computer.If his problem began after he installed new software then he will need to check his connection settings to see if anything has changed. To check network discovery he will need to make sure that network discovery is turned on. Again, since he is trying to connect to other PC, he needs to make sure sharing is enabled.

There needs to be at least one shared folder. Once this is completed he will need to make sure that all the computers he is trying to connect to be in the same workup.Benson should then go online to the manufacturer website to download and Install any latest firmware that Is available for his router; he an also download and Install any latest versions of the network adapter driver. He needs to make sure that the router Is on as well as the modem. If he Is using a laptop with wireless Instead, and not a PC, then he needs to make sure that the wireless switch is turned on as well.

It is sometimes located on the front, side or back of the laptop.If no wireless connection is detected then he needs to use the help on his computer to troubleshoot problems finding a wireless network. From the book it looks like he is using an Ethernet cable connection so he will need to check those fables as well and make sure it is hooked up properly. He should also try a new Ethernet cable to make sure the first one is not defective. If this is not an issue he will need to follow the steps through Windows Help to find his local area network (LANA).

Benson can again download and install the latest version of the network adapter driver from the manufacturer's website.He should also take time to clear the DNS resolve cache. Because Bonbon's connection periodically disconnects he may want to explore his computer and make sure that the power saving mode Is turned off. Help goes through many steps for him to follow if he tried something and it didn't work, and then it suggests a new step. Per Google search the help was vaguer. It advices that Benson runs the following steps and to be patient because they can take a long time and that it may not fix the problem.

The advice from tweaking. Com is to delete your MacAfee and reboot your system to see if that helps. If it doesn't help then leave MacAfee installed and run a Windows Repair. 1.

Now run Repair_Windows. Exe by double clicking on it ( if you are running Win 7, use right click and select Run As Administrator) 2. Now select the Start Repairs tab. 3. The click the Start button. 4.

Create a System Restore point If prompted. 5. On the next screen, click the unselect All button to first deselect all repairs.Now select the following repair options: Reset Registry Permissions 6. * Register System Files * Repeat WHOM' * Repair Windows Firewall * Remove Policies Set By Infections * Repair Winsock ; DNS Cache * Repair Proxy Settings * Repair Windows Updates * Set Windows Services To Default Startup 7.

Now on the lower right side check the box to Restart/Shutdown System When Finished 8. Then make sure the Restart System radio button is enabled. 9. Shutdown any other programs that you are running now before continuing. 10.

Now click the Start button. 1. Be patient while the tool repairs the selected items. 12. It should reboot automatically when finished.

Now run the C:MongolsSettles. Bat file by double clicking on it (Win, don't double click, use right click and select Run as Administrator). Tweaking. Com advises at this point to attach logs the new Rockefeller log and c:Mongols. Zip. Per the internet Winsock 2 is more of a virus issue so it should be handled as such.

Per Georges. Com they recommend deleting an old antivirus and updating a new one as soon as possible.