Discuss FIVE (5) importance of integrated marketing communications.

Give THREE (3) some currents examples of companies that are and are not practicing MIMIC? 1 . Definition of Integrated Marketing Communications (MIMIC) 1. 1 . It Is an approach used by companies In order to achieve the marketing campaign objectives, using different types of promotional method. It could also be said as the coordination and integration of all marketing tools and other sources to achieve maximum impact on customers at minimal cost. (Slow & Aback, 2007) 2.

Importance 2. 1 . Creates a brand image for business organization 2. 1 . MIMIC works as a tool for market positioning.

Customers will recognize the existence of the company and relate them in any aspects possible. 2. 2. Gives competitive advantage for the organization 2. 2. 1 .

It helps companies to Increase their profits and sales. The organization gets to foster relationships with their customer as MIMIC develops communications and gulled them through the stages of purchasing. Hence, trust Is formed that ensures a loyal customer. 2.

3. Creates brand awareness of the organization 2. 3. 1 . Brand awareness is the extent to which potential customers recognizes the organization.Customers nowadays are easily interacted with the brands through social media as more time is spent with mobile phones and computers.

They also prefer brands or products that they aware and are familiar with. 2. 4. Save cost in advertising 2. 4. 1 .

Same visual advertisement can be used and shared in various medium of advertising. This can avoid wasting money on making more advertisement. 2. 5.

Making more consistent massage 2. 5. 1 . MIMIC helps to deliver credible and reliable Informational to the customer.

When a customer Is choosing a product, he will eliminate companies with least or Inconsistent Information.The greater reliable Information delivered, the higher the trust received from the customer. 3. Companies using MIMIC 3. 1 . AZALEA.

Com 3. 1. 1 . Azalea is a known online fashion retailer company that practices MIMIC as its advertisement were aired in many television channels and in public area such as KILL Central and electronic boards along the highway. 3.

2. Intel Corporation 3. 2. 1 . This company is very well known for its personal computer processors.

Most of the computers now day uses Intel's processors. Its MIMIC Is shown through its advertisements on television channels and electronic boards In IT stores such asPlaza Low Hat In Koala Lump. 3. 3. DENY 3. 3.

1 . DENY which stands for Donna Karat New York manufactures clothing and accessories for man and also woman. Their apple shaped bottle perfume has been channels and mass media. DENY products are highly recognizable because of their unique packaging which can be considered as one of their Imp's. 4. Companies that are not using MIMIC 4.

1. VA Future Link Sad. Bad. (EAVE) 4. 1. 1 .

EVA is the manufacturer for computer cases and accessories. They are the leading brand in the market. Their products are mainly focuses on gaming devices.