He is a brilliant, diligent, self-motivated person. His day-to-day academic work reflects his keen interest and aptitude for industrial engineering. His contribution in lab work shows his excellent analytical skills and ability to think divergently. In the oral examination Of this subject he showed sound knowledge Of fundamentals and well justified confidence in his approach, which was reflected in the contemporary examples he used to illustrate his responses.

His practical exam scores 46/50 and oral exam scores 23/25 reflects his potential.In addition to tutoring him, I was also his guide for project entitled Studying and evaluating energy generation process from solar energy, hydro power and speed breaker with respect to detailed solar photovoltaic cell and turbine measurements, and performance efficiencies and analyzing it with MUTUAL". During this, he took on the responsibility to manage the visit at NACRE (The National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education) to gain the valuable perspective of latest research going in this field. His positive attitude and zest for finding the solutions to the problems makes him amicable among his peers and seniors.Vasquez Keener is a clever person and speaks boldly in public. He is candid in expressing his opinion, but is careful not to hurt egos.

He has good sense of humor which always is as asset to any person. He is a perfectly suitable student for the Masters Program and am confident that he will continually strive to maintain and improve upon his grades at your university also. I strongly recommend him for admission and financial assistantship at your university.