IMPORTANCE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN NEPAL IMPORTANCE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN NEPAL Nearly 4000 languages are spoken in the world. some language are confined in a small area. but some language are widely spoken. English language is an international language. it is spoken as native language is Canada,Australia,the USA and the UK. it is used as official language in some counties. such as in India and ,it is used as foreign language in most of the countries in the world.

English language is that window through which we can peep the world easily. we need this language for our higher education. technical subjects are taught in english. most of the books in modern technology are found in english. if we have no knowledge of english,we can't study those books. many important and great books are written in engliah. we can enjoy reading various literary books in english. we can get a good job easily,if we have good command in spoken or written english. owadays we require english even to operate computer. which is a compulsory thing in modern society. a pilot of international flight needs english for communication. english is the sky language in tourism. a person who can speak english can earn a good deal of money and prestige in society. english is a passport with that one can travel all over the world without any difficulty . because of these reasons,english is the most important language in the world. we should learn english language to make our future carrier bright.