Establishment of communication messaging is one of the marketing most enthralling challenges.

Through the memorable press, part science and TV, the major companies have transformed with their brands sales being increased. The theoretical analysis in this essay is based on the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in access-plus business case. The essay is divided into various paragraphs in which the theories related to access-plus are discussed. Through the communication situational analysis based on primary and secondary research, a clear picture emerges on the campaign management source (IMC, 3).Access-plus main objective is targeted at combining its services under a unified brand through which innovation can be enhanced in its business communication.

Under this objective, the company aims at positioning itself as innovators through the new access-plus brand development, a move through which the company's growth in the market communication integration is enhanced. Previous efforts have been aimed at the review of the brands by the company in relation with one another therefore reflecting the company's offered services. The objective behind this move is establishment of the best way of ensuring that its brands move forward coupled with ensuring well defined products that the market articulates. Just like the marketing of any other brand, access-plus marketing incorporates the 7ps into its strategy through which the success of the brand is enhanced. Chung (2009) emphasizes on the importance of each of the brands although in some cases, there are emphasis on one or more by some companies.

This is noted to partly depend on the products nature and the business marketing objectives. The company's pricing is well defined thereby ensuring market domination. Through the global distribution, the objective of place is enhanced. The process outcome is aimed at ensuring that all the services are united under access- plus.

The communication theory is based on the understanding that the information flow is not one way. The occurrence is enhanced when the message is received by the receiver from the sender. The communication efficiency is affected if the message is misinterpreted, rejected or misunderstood. Through good communication, organizations are able to thrive (IMC, 2). Access-plus communication is enhanced through frequent updating of the customers on the latest offers on approaches that are based on mandatory marketing communication rules. The communication is channeled in such a way that there are specific principles ensuring restriction of the communication depending on the conumer characteristics (Don, 1998).

When studying communication, two schools of thought are incorporated: there is the school involved in the message transmission; focusing on the encoding and decoding messages by the sender. There is also the school of exchange and production; based on which the focus is on the interaction of the messages and texts for generation of meanings. There are three levels of studying problems in the communication (IMC, 3). The first level involves the accuracy of transmission of the symbols.

The second level involves the accuracy of conveying the meaning that is desired by the symbols that are transmitted. The third level involves the effectiveness of the received meaning affecting the conduct in a way that is desired (IMC, 3)The message development creativity is enhanced through development of tools that are persuasive. The six persuation tools are reciprocation, social proof, commitment and consistency, authority, liking and scarcity. Persuation is basically established under fundamental factors which includes message arguments, periperial cues, involving the reciever and the initial position of the reciever. In addition, Baack et al (2000) argues that through creative message strategy, companies are able to design their advertisements. Baack et al (2000) devides creative message development strategies into brand, cognative, affective and conative.

The growth in the media and channels of communication has largely been affected by the developments in the technology. First, we have the media vehicles proliferation through which opportunities emerge. Due to the beneficial impacts of internet and websites, access-plus is able to benefit from e-marketing; which is a modern strategy through which it is able to reach out to its customers on a large scale. Therefore, this strategy is used in pioneering the brands online. The media process of planning involves; development of a marketing strategy, the objectives of advertising and budget, the strategy of the message and media.

The media strategy involves selecting the audience followed by the specification of the objectives (IMC, 5). The appropriate media for brand communication includes; newspapers, magazines and broadcast media among others; each with its own pros and cons. The choice of the appropriate media will depend on the characteristics of the audience, the restrictions in the timing, the communication objectives, the media planning strategy and the effects of the media source. The media decision concepts are summarized in the figure below:Access-plus e-marketing is based on the development oof a strategy in the media. Through this, the company does not rush into the social media before a strategy that is comprehensive is developed; which is initiated by setting measurable policies. Through utilizing the Youtube, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social media, the company has established avenues through which it can reach out to its consumers together with relationships establishment.

The companies campaign evaluation is aimed at ensuring that access-plus new look is developed coupled with the ability of the company to progress forward with renewed enthusiasm and great brands. Access-plus also evaluates new ways of dominating in the market through; long-term thinking and planning, decentralization, sticking to what the company is good at and local taste adaptation. The company's campaign success results from its strong corporation culture through which the people are united from various backgrounds. This is through a one corporate culture; based on the basic principles and values of humanity.

For the achievement of SMART objectives, the campaign evaluation first targets at creation of the competitive pricing. This can be enhanced through price and cost reduction, service quality improvement, increasing the variety in the product and customization of the product. This article has the integrated marketing communication whose one objective is situational analysis through the primary and secondary research. The study also establishes that the brand success is seen to result from the strong corporation culture through which consumers are united from various backgrounds. An overview has also been provided in the article on the marketing mix coupled with establishment of various vital techniques of communication. The study also establishes the social media importance in enhancing communication.

This has been backed by a comprehensive plan through which online audiences can be engaged, coupled with management of the crisis emerging online.Based on the IMC assessed in this study, there are various recommendations that are drawn: In making the decisions related to the combination that the brand marketing mix to use, the brand has to be driven by the product nature, the availability of the resources, the market nature and the kind of the strategies that the company will pursue. The approach that should be taken in the communication planning should be systematic. Among the various strategies to be considered, the positioning and marketing strategy of the company should be looked at.

Finally, in the decision of the marketing communication approach to be used, the importance of publicity should be emphasized on.