Essay 2. In what ways do your academic background and recent professional or managerial experience provide evidence of your potential for success in the program you selected? In your eventual career? Please provide specific examples of relevant coursework and/or experience. Majoring[Major] in International Economics and Trade, I have built a sound academic background of economics and finance during four years of undergraduate study in School of Economics, Fudan University.

Through a series of curricular and research projects, I developed sound theoretical knowledge and strong analytical ability. My personality and ambition was shaped by active participation in various leadership positions and experience of professional practice. [I dont like this beginner, since it’s too plain and not impressive something no other than a narration. Ordinarily, you should figure out the very important perspective of yourself which can ensure reader of your suitability tp this program, if not extinguishment, e. . Your career goal, some specific internship, courses or research project arouse your great interest in some parts of this program. ] During the first two years of my undergraduate study, I have taken a wide range of courses. Basic core courses such as Political Economics, Micro and Macroeconomics empowered me to construct theoretical framework of economics, while Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics enabled me to apply quantitative methods to economic analysis. Referring some courses correlated to the program, for example, since it’s under the B-school, some finance, strategy, marketing and other practical courses you’ve enrolled in could be figured out. ] My talents revealed when it comes to international economics, in which not only did I achieve top grades but also proactively conducted a series of research projects. Through studying Western Economic History, Introduction to world economy, International trade, and International Economic Cooperation, I have gained deeper understanding about international economics and complex relations among the world’s major economies.

My coursework covered various issues including FDI, Merger & Acquisition, the manor system of West Europe and the trading structure between China and US, and my term paper on The Origins of Three Major Crisis In The 20th Century – the Great Depression, the financial crisis in East Asia in 1997 and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis was one of the best in my class. [This paragraph is nice and useful. ]

Meanwhile, I was the Vice General Secretary of the school students union and Vice President of FDU X-Games Club, both[All of the ] managerial[administrative] positions lasted for one year[You should delete it for one year is no better than not referred to] and greatly enhanced my leadership, creativity and sense of responsibility. My junior year was a very productive year, with excellent academic results that won me a scholarship for academic session 2011-2012, three research projects respectively concerning M&A, RMB equilibrium exchange rate and deindustrialization, and several well-constructed term papers.

Equipped with knowledge and analytical skills gained from previous study, I started my trials in more complex researches. Apart from course study, I was devoted to a research project with Professor Dazhong Cheng on Chinese firms’ cross-border merger and acquisition from the perspective of heterogeneous firms internationalization theory, which is a part of his research project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 71272069).

I was responsible for collecting and selecting massive amounts of data, translating company information between English and Chinese, and processing data using such software packages as STATA and EVIEWS. This research experience has enhanced my understanding of merger and acquisition at the micro level, as well as trained my practical ability of solving problems using econometric methods. [As far as I know, the program of MAief is a very practical one which is aiming to provide its enrollers a wealthy professional trainee, so the research experience seems like redundant.

Just take more efforts to your professional experience, your working endeavors your personal characteristics, and some special things to distinguish you. ] It was during the study of International Finance, Monetary Economics and Investments that I discovered pure interest and real passion in finance. These courses are highly demanding, taught with most up-to-date case analysis, group discussions and large amounts of literature reading. Being self-motivated, I found myself well adapted to this learning mode.

I organized group projects on RMB equilibrium exchange rate and tools of monetary policy as group leader, presented learning outcome at class seminars. I led my team zealously participated in the class debate, and ranked 1st in performance graded by committee consists of the professor and teaching assistants. [Your interests, your career goals should be put as very beginning as possible, since those things are the admission committee finding for to judge whether you are thoughtful, promising, and suitable for their program.

While ] The deeper I [get]involved, the more fascinated I became. In order to gain better understanding of the financial market through practice, I became an intern at the Settlement Center of Bank of East Asia (China) Limited in the summer of 2012 after standing out from dozens of competitors. The Settlement Center is responsible for concentrated treasury management of BEA China, including the clearing and settlement of bonds, currencies, financial derivatives and the associated financial risk management.

During the 4-month internship, I took prime responsibility in collecting capital adequacy ratio data and foreign exchange positions data from branches, then analyzed the data and compiled accurate statements and reports for the team to conduct effective management. My working passion also lies in risk management of securities by revaluation and credit evaluation. I assisted mark-to-market accounting, as well as analysis of bonds’ issuers’ annual reports.

My initiative and devotion has earned first-rate recommendation of the Department Head of the Settlement Center. Apart from daily work, I also voluntarily worked on the communication and cooperation between the back office and the front desk, which enhanced operation efficiency of both the Settlement Center and the Treasury Division. Impressed by my effort, the President of the Treasury Division offered me an opportunity to join the division as a trainee to work with and learn from experienced colleagues.

The exposure in the front desk triggered my enthusiasm for the fast-changing financial markets, while the diligent practice at the Settlement Center reinforced my systematic comprehension of banking businesses. [You put too much narration, what about mentioning some difficulties, challenges, harshy time or even failure you came across during these time, and how you deal with them beat them and pull yourself back. If no immediate scripts, just imagine some, that’s OK. ]

This professional experience has shaped my analytical abilities and interpersonal skills, as well as my career goals. I am highly willing to work as a financial analyst in an investment bank, an asset management company or a financial consulting firm after earning a M. A. in International Economics and Finance. Eventually, with financial expertise and first-hand experience, I will realize my long-term goal of founding an investment company specialized in investment portfolios management.

I am on the way towards my portrayed blueprint, and the distinguished MAief program of Brandeis IBS would be one milestone along the expedition. [To end up your personal statement, the safest way is to explain your deficits through which you could express your eagerness of being admitted by Brandeis (also you could flatter it as your dream school and ideal program), underscore your insatiability of strengthening yourself and reiterate about your career goal in details. ] If I were you, I will Ar the very beginning,g