Yadir HYPE Advertisement has changed significantly throughout the years. No longer are ads confined to the usual places like buses, billboards and stadiums. Anywhere your eyes can rest there is an ad. Kalle Lash from excerpted “Hype” said, “everyday an estimated 12 billion display ads are dumped into North Americas collective unconscious”. That being said , it is safe to say that cooperate America has been controlling our purchases more that we liked. There is a company called videocarte that have installed interactive screens on shopping carts that will show you ads while you shop.

I can understand why an executive from the company will say”videocarte is the most powerful micromarketing medium available today”. There are times when I’m in the supermarket and have a videocarte and the interactive screens are displaying ads products. I must admit they tend to influence your shopping. On the other hand, ads can introduce you to helpful products. For instance, one time I was looking for a product that can help me keep my papers organize, I saw an ad on a product to keep papers organize, I brought the item and it works wonderful.

However, another time I was suppose to go to the convenience store and pick up some common products, I saw an ad on a billboard on my way there, on a product that I did not need, got distracted from going to the place that I had started out to go bought the product that the ad was advertising. When I finnaly arrived home happy with the purchase, I was quickly disappointed because it wasn’t what I needed and I didn’t get the things that I wanted. Like the article “Hype” signs of life in the USA say “No one is exempt, there is nowhere to run and no one will be spared”.

In conclusion, you can not totally avoid the amount of ads you see , however you can minimize the amount of ads you are expose to. As for me, I have learned to train my mind not to be influence by ads. For example, when I go food shopping, I have a list and only buy the items that are on there. I also, listen to cds, therefore, I stay away from the ads they play on the radio. Finally I keep in mind that a marketers job is to display their ad anywhere they can to persuade a consumer to purchase their product.