According to our lecture sexuality activity has improved and became open more and more as the years past. Not only have the activity has improved, but the conversation on sexuality has also improved. In this paper, I will compare and contrast the difference in conversation about human sexuality between myself, parents, partners, friends, society, and even my thoughts on my comfort zone on human sexuality. From this paper, you will be able to understand that human sexuality has improved and should not always be viewed as something bad. I consider myself a shy person when it comes to speaking about sex. I do believe that certain things should be private, but if my children need to know certain information it is my duty to make sure that they hear the correct information, and not those off the streets. I have to admit, I am not like those in the 1950’s where it would be considered a dishonor to speak of sex, but I do think that keeping your business to yourself is the key. I don’t believe everyone has to know about my sexual activity. However, there are moments in where I do have friends that discuss and joke about sex in which I do not want to be isolated from the conversation therefore I will add my point of view. Parental Conversation When speaking to my parents, I do keep everything professional and in respect. For example, in speaking of the male and female private parts I will say words such as vagina and penis. In answering questions on the sexual behavior, I would say to my mother about my partner and I having sexual intercourse. This would keep the level of conversation respectful without my mother looking at me in a certain type of way. What is similar is the fact that my mother and I can still have a conversation about sex. My parents on the other hand is very open and will answer whatever questions that me or my children may have, but she will keep the entire conversation private. That is where I learned to keep my activity in a private setting. Society Conversation According to Dr. Brenda L. McCaa-Buckley 2011 lecture, Haroian (2000) explained that society will view human sexuality either positive or negative. Some may feel that in speaking out in the open is a good thing, while others believe things should be kept to themselves. In speaking with my same sex peers, I use different working when it comes to the private parts of males and females. For example, I would say something like “this guy looks like he has a huge dick”, or “my coochie is for me to chose who to give it to”, and in speaking of sex in general it would be “I can’t wait to be knocking boots tonight”. But in speaking like that is all fun and jokes. The terms would change based on whom I am speaking with. For those that is not that close, I would use the terms such as male and female genitalia, and use the word intercourse when speaking of sex. Then when you listen to the younger generation asking if their friends are “tapping that” or “hitting that” is almost the same. The similarity of the conversation is that it all means the same just spoken in different terms. Partner Conversation Your partner should be someone you should have no restrictions with. He or she should be someone you can express your inner feelings with on a conversation level as well as an intermit level. Even though there are times in which you say to your partner that you want to make love, or you feel horny and would like to get it on, there are times in the heat of the moment you might want to ask “whose dick or pussy is it”? Your partner would be open to answering, and that would be something that is kept between the two of you. It does not matter what age you are, talking dirty to your partner can be a huge turn on. Not only the conversation will be enhanced, the activity would be of a wide variety of many experience. Partners have being experimenting for years, but again, it all boils down to keeping everything private. Doctor Conversation Even though your doctor is a regular person, he or she is not your closest friend, your parent, or even your partner therefore the conversation would be on the level of medical terms. Now if you are lucky to have your doctor as your partner and friend that would be different. But having a conversation with your doctor would stay on calling the partners either male and female genitalia or vagina and penis. Any questions about sex would be referred to as intercourse. If you are asking your doctor why when you are having intercourse it hurts, you are not going to ask him or her why when your man is hitting it there is so much pain. The dialect in which you are using is different in working, but the concept is all the same. Upbringing and Comfort Zone People around the world are one of such diversity. Everyone is different, yet the concept is again the same. Back in the days people were afraid to bring up any conversations about sex believing that it will be a bad thing. You have some over religious people who believed that it would be a major sin against God if you talked or even act on anything sexual. As our generation changes, so did society on the thoughts and concerns of sexuality. Albright (2008) stated that the media played a major role by making sex more open to society. You could not show commercials about condoms by in the 70’s, and now there are all over the television in various types. Pornography is more open on television, and extra martial affairs do not require the “Big A” written on your chest. People’s comfort zone also changed. According to the lecture, tablecloths were made to cover the legs of the table so that men did not have any ideas about sexual intercourse by being reminded of the legs of women (Dr. Brenda L. McCaa-Buckley 2011 lecture). Today, women are dressed showing their legs among other body parts. In speaking of myself, my comfort zone about human sexuality has changed but not that drastically. Meaning that I can talk about sex, but there are still certain things that I will not do and say, and most will not know whether I do or say them because I still believe that it should remain private between you and the person that you are speaking with. Even though I may have a facebook account, I am not going to respond to anything sexual because I do not feel that is appropriate to do over the internet. As much as pornography may be plastered over the internet and television, and even displayed openly in books, there is still in my opinion a time and place for everything. Schools have become more open in which sex education is being more expanded in health classes and condoms are being distributed. This concept would be unheard of in the earlier century, but so was the high risk of young pregnancy, and being able to teach our children now about it, reduces that factor. Conclusion In conclusion, human sexuality is a beautiful concept that everyone should know and be free to express. Even though one may be shy about it, it still can be spoken in open. Whether you are taking to your friend, parent, or doctor, the terms may be different, but the concept and the topic is still the same. In this class, I am looking forward to know more about human sexuality, and might have the ability to be a little more open about speaking to people about sex.