Human Genetic Engineering can be very productive towards advancing our society, but Like every 2 steps forward you have to take a step back. Of course, Human Genetic Engineering Is complex In all of the good and bad of Its research, why would anything be simple? As It goes with most research that goes towards our advancement, I. E. Embryonic Stem Cells, religious people tend to disagree with the scientists.

As the scientists tend to disagree with the logicians and logicians tend to disagree with both.People wonder why the world is so violently shaken by angry words, well it seems obvious to me. It's a strong and healthy trait to stick to your guns with your opinion but what happens when the saying, "agree to disagree" doesn't count anymore? When does compromising become handy? At this point, we might be farther along in advancement if not for sputters of spiteful words. "Religion" is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, ESP..

A personal God or gods. Religion can be very cloudy for a closed mind to new Ideas.They refuse to see he scientific or logical edge to anything controversial; they don't even care If It makes sense. "Science" Is a for seeking ways to observe and explain conclusions based on the world around us. Science can be very black and white, maybe with a few tints of gray where knowledge is slim, but it can be a very stubborn subject when people try to mix religion in.

Then things get ugly when logic tries to argue with both other parties. "Logic" is a discipline for seeking conclusions without having to observe them. Logic on the other hand can coincide with common sense, and a lot of the time, is indeed common sense.