DQ Week 4 Hum/111 Week 4 DQ 1 ?         The article “How to Build a Curious Child” presents techniques to help you regain your curiosity. How might you use these techniques to help you regain the habit of asking meaningful questions about the world around you? The main thing that I got out of reading “How to Build a Curious Child” is that you don’t need to be afraid to be curious. Ask questions and include your children and make them curious about things too. I am the type of person that wants to find out things. I want my children to be the same way.

Don’t make it to where children are not afraid to ask why about something. Answer them the best that you can or have them help you find the answer my looking for it through the internet or by exploring about it. I had a friend that once told me to never assume, I just had to ask him why. He told me that a person that assumes makes an ass out of you and me. It took me awhile to figure that one out. It’s because a person that assumes that they know everything always makes an ass out of themselves and also yourself for believing it. I got a good laugh out of this one.

So now instead of assuming something I want to find the answers, I don’t believe until I can see it for myself. Week 4 DQ 2 ?         Identify three key strategies that help stimulate your imagination. How might you use those strategies to be creative in your workplace or school? Three key strategies are: Look for unusual combinations Visualize the solution Construct pro and con arguments How you can use the strategies in either the work place or school: Unusual combinations- This would be like combining two things that don’t go together.

This could be used to help you remember assignments, words that are hard to remember, and so on. Visualize the solution- seeing the problem and visualizing it. You can see an assignment as a problem, you have to do it, and you can visualize what it will look like when you are done. Construct pro and con arguments- making a list of all the things that are issues. This would work with assignments. If you have an essay that you need to write, you could use it to make a list of the pros and cons. Week 4 DQ 3 ?         What do you think Ruggiero means by “creativity is an expression of mental health” (p. 7)? Week 4 DQ 4 ?         Chapter 5 lists five characteristics of creative people. Which one of these five characteristics do you think best describes you? Why? The five characteristics of creative people are dynamic, daring, resourceful, hardworking, and independent. Of the five characteristics the one that best describes me would be independent. I like working by myself, this is when I do my best work. Week 4 DQ 5 ?         Which of the four stages in the creative process is most challenging for you? Why?

The four stages in the creative process are searching for challenges, expressing the problem or issue, investigating the problem or issue, and producing ideas. The one that I find most challenging for me is producing ideas. I seem that when I am writing or thinking I seem to hit a road block. I never can find enough ideas to keep my imagination going. I start thinking of all the things that I can think of then after awhile I can’t think of anything else. I have no problem with searching, expressing, and investigating, it’s the producing that always gets me confused and stuck.