It also used the binary (base 2) number system in computation, the results being converted to and from decimal (base 10) for the purposes of human consumption.

The BBC used vacuum tubes, punched cards and a memory device that looked like a drum. Colossus 1943 Turing * made a major contribution to the development of a sophisticated computing machine called the Colossus which was used to help crack the codes of the German Enigma Machine. * Turing Machine is also known as the Universal Machine, the theoretical precursor to the electronic digital computer which Donations was soon to invent.Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper 1945 First Computer Bug MANIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) 1946 John Presser Checker (1919-1995) and John Macaulay (1907-1980) * vacuum tubes, with the computing power of little more than the modern calculator * John Von Neumann came up with he bright idea of using part of the computer's internal memory (called Primary Memory) to "store" the program inside the computer and have the computer go get the instructions from its own memory, Just as we do with our human brain.HARD DRIVE 1956 IBM introduced the first hard drive for main frame called RAMAN 305, which has a total capacity of NUMB.

The RAMAN used a disc storage unit (shown along back wall) capable of holding 5,000,000 units. It consisted of 50 magnetic metal disks arranged in a vertical stack, accessed by a read-write arm for high speed random access, 1965-1971 Integrated Circuits * It combines all the electronic parts a computer needs to run in one small place - a chip. It is about the size of your fingernail.The Mouse 1962 Douglas Manageable * invented the mouse-pointing device for computers BASIC 1964 John Kenny and Thomas Kurt * Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code programming language ASCII 1964 * American Standard Code for Information Interchange was adopted by the American Standard Association as a standard code for data transfer. First Floppy Disk 1967 Alan Sugars * It used 8-inch plastic disk where data can be stored.

It was called a "memory disk".Pascal Programming 1968 Nikolas Worth * designed Pascal programming language to help students learn how to program computers. Today microprocessors are small enough to fit into machines that fit in the palm of your hand. C Programming Language 1972 Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan developed the language.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote the first programming language for Altair (the first personal computer). They later founded the Microsoft in November 1976. 1976 Steve Woozier and Steve Jobs * finished the computer circuit board of the Apple 1 Computer in 1976. Fiscal 978 Dan Bricklike with the help of Robert Frankfort was the computer programmer and Dan Falsity (software publisher) developed the first electronic spreadsheet Words 1979 Robert Barney * wrote this program which became one of the most popular and best selling word processor.Became the spreadsheet software choice for microcomputers, replacing Fiscal Apple Macintosh 1984 * Its SO has GU', which allows users to move screen icons instead of typing instructions.