Not many Disney shorts have been released recently. I think their entertainment and historical value is to be better appreciated by being released on video and DVD. Here is a list of video/DVD release ideas that I propose:
Disneys CARTOON CLASSICS: Platinum Edition
This would be a series of approximately one-hour anthologies of mostly cartoons that have never been released on video. It would be a must for any Disney fan/collector. Children would also love these.

"Vincent" (1982), "Oilspot and Lipstick" (1987), "Winnie the Pooh Discovers The Seasons" (1981), "Off His Rockers" (1992), "Runaway Brain" (1995, Academy Award nominee), "Fun With Mr. Future" (1986), "Recycle Rex" (1992)
"Redux Riding Hood" (1997, Academy Award nominee), "The Three Little Pigs" (1997, Annie Award nominee), "Pedal to the Metal" (1992), "John Henry" (2000, Annie Award nominee), "Sport Goofy in Soccermania" (1987), "Tummy Trouble" (1989)
"Der Fuerers Face" (1943, Academy Award winner), "Education for Death"(1943), "All Together" (1942), "Private Pluto" (1943), "Reason and Emotion" (1943), "Victory Vehicles" (1943), "Out of the Frying Pan and into the Firing Line" (1942), "The New Spirit" (1942), "Chicken Little" (1943)
"The Litterbug" (1961), "Steel and America" (1965), "Donalds Fire Survival Plan" (1965), "Donald and the Wheel" (1961)