The Black Death
A World know Tragedy
The Black Plague was an epidemic that occurred in 1347. The plague ravaged and destroyed the Far East. After time it destroyed the outskirts of Easter Europe.

For months Europe was disturbed from everything trying to escape the claws of the plague. After destroying Europe it rapidly spread to North Africa, Germany, Scandinavia, France and many other neighboring countries. The plague decapitated Europes population, taking about 25 million souls during its occurrence. The Black Plague was known as the most brutal demographic catastrophe human kind has ever encountered. Because of this big down fall on humanity the Black Plague was then known as the Black Death.The Black Plague (Black Death) was a tragedy that was more than just a disease.

According to statistics this plague was known as a disaster, another problem was the religious fervor. When the Black Death struck people though that it was a punishment form God. Most of the population was religious and felt that way. In the story it seemed like the way the people were thinking and their attitudes led to the spread of the plague. Another factor that didnt help the situation was that crops were failing and most of the people in Europe were malnourished.According to physician there were two types of plagues that attacked Europe: the two were pneumonic and bubonic.

The first one a person would die with in three days, the symptoms were spitting up of blood and continuous fevers. The second one lasted five days, the symptoms were also fever and carbuncles on the outside of the body mostly near the armpits and the groin. A lot of people that lived in Europe fled to get away from this disaster. The main people that left left many behind and they were rich professionals. All the other people that werent rich relied on their religion by staying in the abbeys.
The Black Death changes the world with its presence.

For example: with this happening the language gained respect and was spoken even more that usual. Even art of this time period was affected. After this occurred a lot of the artwork was depicted as death, basically showing some of the scenes that were going on during the 13th century. The art works were mainly depictions of the Black Death. For example: the danse macabre genre was a famous artwork during this time depicting skeletons and corpses.I feel that the author is trying to tell all of the readers of the Black Death the affects it had on our nation.

Also the way it changed history and our modern society. For example, when Aids was first diagnosed to a person in the early 80s it was compared to the plague by many people. Also the he was trying to let us know what the people in Europe went through compared to the society in which we live today. Also the Black Plague had a lot to do with religion and the way we live today. In trying to explain all of this Philip Zeigler has educated many that never took the time to think about how religion had a major impact on Eastern Europe. Also in this compelling novel he told us about the downfall of the countries that the Black Death riddled.

This novel gave all the details a person needed to know about this time period and it satisfied my thirst for knowledge of the Black Death.
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