Industrial revolution took place in Europe in 1760. It gave momentum to the social and economical life of the people. The new concept of factory system provided by various physical and material amenities but adversely affected the Human Resources.

Fatigue and Depression were the new diseased developed by this Industrial phenomenon. J. B. Shaw, a great thinker in U. K in his famous Essay "where the wealth cue- emulates and the men decay" rightly pointed out Mecca- miss of human talent.

Doctors in Europe advised people to evils at hill station for mental relaxation.It was the correct remedy to come out form boredom and mental tension. In this millennium age, tourism has become a prominent part of human life, which gives synergy and energy to keep pace with the present com- petrel world. The world's population Is growing.

"People over 50 have half of the disposable income In the U. S and those over 65 enjoy twice the discretionary in- come of people 25-34. The net worth of U. S. House- holds headed by people over 00 grew by 30 percent over the last decade"l There are many other trends affecting travel Many households have two income earners.

This meaner that there are more discretionary funds for travel. Over the centuries, travel has develop- pooped tort business, health, social and cultural reasons. Travel is an important part of our lives. Now a day, people go to hill station mainly to relax and enjoy themselves.

At such a place they drive pleasure from seeing historical monuments, natural scenery and sightseeing. Their satisfaction at hill station depends solely and largely on the hotel Industry and service Industry. Tourists frequently visit that hill station where they get good hospitality.Above all, here they are provide palatable dishes at reasonable rates. Anathema is an Ideal hill station situated at Neural a scenic place in Raging District of Maharajah's. Its attraction to tourists is beyond dispute.

It can further flourish in the field of hotel Industry and service Len- dusty when the customer Is treated as 'Tautly Devote Behave. This should be the main motto. Significance of the study: Hotel industry is one of the lucrative industries that cannot be developed without support of me- peoples, local people and government.I have selected Anathema for the purpose of he study, as Matter is a very scenic and beautiful hill station, which is very near to Iambi. Iambi is a capital city of Maharajah's. Most of the people from different places come to Iambi tort many purposes and few to them can also have a visit to Anathema.

People coming to tourist place require good and comfortable hotel seer- vice; It should be economical and safe also. When they travel at that time they prefer hospitality services. When they will spend on hotels then there will be income tort local government through taxes.It will also increase foreign exchange earnings Whenever there is possibility of development of tourists place, hoteliers enter In this develop- moment of that spot.

But Matter is not as much developed once hill station as compared to others. Many problems create restrictions on its development. This indirectly affects on hotel industry. Hence, it has significant aspect to find out the problems behind, to slow development of hotel industry in Anathema.

Objectives of the Study: a) To study various types of hotels, their service and the problems they face. ) To evaluate the interfered- dance of growth of tourism on hotel industry. ) To analyses the socio-economic impact of hotel industry on local people d) To suggest some measures for the development of hotel business in the study area. Hotel Business as an Industry: The term 'Hotel' is defined by American Heritage Dictionary as, "an establishment that pro- vide lodging and usually meals and other services for travelers and other paying guests".

2 What is the Hose- vitality Industry? This is not an easy question and books on the subject offer many different answers.Some view the hospitality industry as comprising four sectors; lodging, food, entertainment. The U. S lodging industry employees about 1. 25 million peopleћ both part time and full time.

Hotel Managers and assistant managers around 2 lack Jobs. Self employed managers primarily owners of small hotels and motels hold a significant number of those Jobs". 3 The hospitality industry's growth in recent decades has been due in part to the average individual's higher standard of living, higher level of education and longer life span.The greater opportunities avail- able in rapidly developing societies have also control- tutees to industrial expansion. Findings:For this study, out of 42 hotels 17 hotels are selected randomly which includes different categories like three star, two star, one star, only restaurant, snake bar, Chinese corner etc. After conducting inter- view with hoteliers, hotel employees and local people, following problems have been noticed 1) It is one of the hill station in India where there is no inside transport allowed.

So transport cost is high. Tourists have to pay more cost for each and every service.Either they visit one day or they stay at one night only. 2) Even though Tourists have to pay mum- municipal tax and vehicle parking tax but they do not enjoy at Anathema when they compare with other hill stations. 3) Higher burden of taxes on hotels also Cree- dates financial burden on hoteliers.

4) Due to lack of awareness regarding hotel business, local people do not take proper education, training regarding hotel business. Most of the hotel staff is appointed on contract basis. 5) Political unrest creates problems of De- velveteen of Anathema. ) Improper Medical facility also restricts the tourists to come and stay for more days at Anathema.

7) Water and irregular supply of electricity create problem for all hoteliers. Due to this problem, they do not satisfy all promises 'e. A/C rooms, mining tank etc. 8) Local people are also not interested to stay for a longer period of time with their next generation because they want to shift from Anathema to any where due to lack of education, medical facilities. So, the small Lola business those depend on tourist 'e, also going to reduce day by day. ) Infrastructure problem restricts the tourist to attract this place.

Conclusion: The object of this research paper is to study he hotel industry, its problems and development in future at Anathema hill station. Support of employees, local people and local government. Increasing tourism activity at any place depends upon the development of that spot. But Anathema is not as much developed once hill station in Raging district of Maharajahs.

Problems of trans- port, lack of awareness of people, political problems create the restriction on its development.Suggestions: After studying all the above problems, following suggestions will be definitely useful to solve the problems. 1) Transport problem can e solved by increasing train frequency from Neural to Anathema. Government should also construct the proposed sub- statute road from Panel-Dinah to Anathema.

Internal transport can be solved by allowing hackney and bullock cart which was previously permitted. 2) By keeping tourism development aspect, the govern- meet should develop the sight scenes egg. Gardening, boating at lake water, rope way, play ground etc. 3) ATM facility, Tourists Information Center, Medical facility should be provided.

) Reduce tax burden on hoteliers, on local people and on tourists 5) Strict intro on the registration and licensing of the hotels. 6) Provide maximum facilities to the hotel staff so they will work sincerely and honestly for hotels. 7) Local people should take proper education regarding hotel business then they will capable to do jobs in hotels. They can also develop new business like sup- plying fresh fruits and vegetables to hoteliers. 8) Shopping mall should be developed for modern style of customers. 9) Internal conflict, political disturbance should be neglected for having development of Anathema and future prospect for Anathema.