Hank's Speech from the show "Sullivan & Son" is a hilarious episode. It brings out all the issues relating to gender, class, and race.

These are very critical issues in the society on the whole and in any institution in particular. World governing bodies are also involved in these issues. Presenting them in a show clearly explains the place these pertinent issues hold in the society. Steve represents Hank in the episode. This happens after one of Hank’s coworkers goes on to file a complaint.

The main reason why Will Sasso decides to file the complaint against Hunk is because the latter had made racist remarks. Despite the initial hesitation, the whole gang still rallies behind Hank. The issues of race hit headlines each and every day. The mention of this issue in the show represents how some people look down upon others on racial grounds. Sometimes, the legal institutions in the world fail to exercise their full mandate and may end up suppressing the rights of other people. Steve represents Hank and tries to defend his actions.

The minority always fails to have a place in the society. Their rights are never fully exercised, and they may never hold respectable positions in the world. The fact that the other people rally behind Hank shows that the minority has no say in the society. They have to conform to what others bring into place. Gender issues also come out clearly as Susan tries to protect her mother by giving her a fake ID which grants her senior citizen status.

This shows the crafty nature of some people in the society. The issues being addressed in the show are of grave concerns to the whole world. Bodies have been formed to address the issues of gender, race, and class. Discrimination always exists in societies basing on these grounds. The minority groups hope that some day or other, they will be fully represented.