Modern hair oils contain fragrances from different natural sources of plants. Musk Hair oil is available with rich coconut and almond mixture of hair oil products tit soothing male and famine cent.

Indian Market in Hair Oil Industry: Market Trend: Light Hair Oil Break up: 5 C 's Of Marketing 1 . The study of the 5 CSS of marketing arises is called situation Analysis. 2. Situation analysis is study of the current market or industry in which company wants to launch a new market.

. In order to launch a new product, a company first needs to study market condition. 4. The conditions are about the number of competitors and their market share, the cost of producing the product, the profit ration etc. 5. So a quick SOOT analysis will reveal where does the company stand in the market and what tragedy it should adopt in order to grab a MUSK's share in the market.

The Five Co's are 1 . Customer Needs 2. Company Skills 3. Competitors 4.

Collaborators 5.Climate or context Customer Needs/ Company Skills/ Competitors through SOOT Analysis: Musk Parent Company Red Cherry Multi Commodity Pet Ltd Category Personal Care brands - Hair care Sector FMC Tagging/ Slogan "Oil of Pride" USPS New Product Launch of hair oil brand in India STEP Segment Hair oil segment with natural ingredients (Coconut and Almond) Target Group Youth and middle aged and Old men and women in urban and rural area. Positioning Positioned on the platform of purity and originality of coconut with best quality and resulting in shiny hair and a clear complexion SOOT Analysis Strength 1 .Newly Established product with male soothing fragrance and famine scents. 2. Provides shine and softness and makes hair healthy from insides 3.

Contains trusted natural ingredients like Coconut and Almond 4. Strong distribution network across the country 5. Introduction of oil in the market with better fragrances, ingredients and innovation yet using traditional method to extract oil from raw Almond and Coconut. 6. Celebrity/ film star brand ambassadors Weakness 1 . New Brand Launched recently 2.

Will be Preferred by loyal customers, but youth find other brands attractive such as Hair Gel and other hair care products 3. Sticky and oily, stains the pillow when used overnight Opportunity 1 . Expansion in foreign marketers. Export potentially. Limitation in other hair care products Threats 1 . Aggressive competitors.

Threat from new entrants or local players selling oil with natural ingredients. Well established Brand Like parachutes and Baja] Almond. Competition Competitors 1 . Marco's parachute 02. Baja Almond 3. Dabber 4.

Miami Customers 1.Market size and Growth: Total Market Size - 63% of the total Indian Hair Oil Market and growth is increasing 10% annually. 2. Market segments -Urban and Rural Men, Women with Young Age, Middle age and Older age. 3.

Retail Channel - where does consumer actually purchase the product? : Product should reach every single possible household, Retail outlet. Koran shop, Online and Purchase options on social networking sites with discounts. 4. Consumer Information source - where does the consumer obtain information about the product? Social media penetration, RoadShows, displays, Exhibition and discount offering strategies online, at retail outlets, Koran shops and at road shows. 5. Trends: how consumers' needs and preference change over time? Consumer behavior understanding from time to time by getting feedback and surveys at retail out lets, Online, social networking sites, dedicated consumer retention team through consumer forum specially designed for consumer for MUSK Hath Oil.

Company: MUSK HAIR OIL l. Coconut based hair oil a. Soothing Male scent b. Soothing female scent II. Almond based hair oil a. Soothing male scent 2.

Image in the marketMUSK Hair Oil was established on 24th September 2013 in a typical for niche and rural market, Red Cherry Multi Commodity Pet Ltd envisioned offering trusted quality products made from 100% Coconut and Almond raw material for hair, skin and hair care. The company presently launching their flagship brand "MUSK Hair Oil" encased in an attractive cylindrical cardboard label (Blue for Male Customer and Pink for Female Customer) gives product a brand new look in keeping with high quality of the oil it encases and hope to successfully cater to diverse competitive markets in India and the suburbs. 3.Technology and Experience Age-old traditional methods and processes are utilized in producing this oil. The almond oil is lightweight, golden-brown oil, which is extracted from sweet almond nuts.

The oil from bitter almond nuts on the other hand, is extremely poisonous and should be avoided. Half of the weight of the sweet almond nut itself comprises of the oil and therefore can be extracted in large amounts. In its pure form, it has little to no odor and has a faint, nutty scent. The oil has a long and extensive history, dating back to the Egyptians where it was used to strengthen hair and as a skin emollient.More than 50% of the oil comprises of monounsaturated fatty acids, making it suitable to be used for culinary purposes as it helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. The oil is also rich in minerals such as magnesium and the vitamins C and E.

While the oil might be lightweight, it causes a brown stain to form when it comes into contact with clothes and bed sheets. Therefore, it should be strictly separated from such things. The oil has many established beneficial properties and is widely used in the cosmetic and food industry. It is also one of the most commonly used massage oils today.Strengthens the hair The almond oil provides essential minerals for normal and healthy hair growth.

After continual application of the oil, the hair naturally grows thicker and stronger. It also promotes a lustrous, attractive shine on the hair when used in appropriate amounts. The extraction of oil from copra is one of the oldest seed crushing operations. In India and Sir Lankan copra is still crushed for oil extraction in the primitive cheek's as well as in rotary Shania, spellers and hydraulic presses.

The checks is a fixed wooden or stone mortar inside which revolves on a hard wooden pestle.The pestle is attached to a long pole which is moved round via bullocks, donkey or by human labor. About 20 - 40 goof copra can be handled by a checks. Using coconut oil for hair maintenance may sound like an odd regimen, but it's been proven to be effective. Coconut oil has been known to have a lot of benefits, both when consumed and applied.

Specifically for hair and skin, it has been known to restore natural moisture resulting in shiny hair and a clear complexion. Studies have shown that this substance has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and to work its way through all areas of the hair strand.It helps reduce loss of protein, and aids in regaining your hair's natural oil and moisture. More than keeping your hair healthy and shiny, coconut oil has a lot of other benefits as well.

The use of coconut oil is not only natural and organic, but also cost-effective. 4. Culture We are committed to deliver 100% natural products, which are manufactured under stringent quality guidelines. Apart from commitment to quality and product authenticity, it is our compliance to timeliness, fair business practices and cost competency that has made us a preferred associate.