My name is Khari Spencer, and I am running for treasurer. I know all of you are probably tired and bored of hearing all these speeches of people telling you to vote for them, so I hope my speech stands out to you. I think the quote “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away,” is something we should all keep in our minds. If I am elected for treasurer, I will try to make school something that you wish you could go back to. Money moves the wheels of history, and this year I will move those wheels like never before n the history of this school. Friends, desks and chairs will tremble and shake with the triumphent roar of coins and cash flowing into the hands of our excellent student council. Things will get done and we shall acquire great things for all people of all ages and classses within this family that is Paradise. Things will be done, and they will be done for -you-. As Franklin Roosevelt once said, "Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. I feel that we can all embrace the joy of achieving something great this year, and I know that all of our efforts will bring a financial blessing upon the school if you elect me for student council treasurer. What would make me a good treasurer? What qualities could I possibly possess that could accord me the rights to be in any position of relative power? Behind this outer shell of awesomeness and an incredible personality lies someone who is more than capable of being meticulous.

I've yet to overdraw my checking account (I'm saving that for college), and I actually do work out a personal budget (granted, that's something I'm made to do, but hey. It still counts. ). This ridiculous amount of person greed and over the top focus on personal finance would make me an excellent treasurer. As for the non-financial element of the position, while it's true I've never held an office, I'm a creative person, with many different ideas (even if a lot of them are ridiculous. I'm easy to talk to and I love working around and with people, so the suggestions of others would be more than welcomed. It would probably make my life a heck of a lot easier. I look forward to coming up with creative fundraising methods. I may not have a coin collection that could rival that of the US Federal Mint, nor do I have any skills at basketball. At all. Whatsoever. I do not have one thing that many of the greatest political candidates of our time all have in common: empty promises.

I do not make promises that if elected, Led Zeppelin will play in the cafeteria . I do not make promises that if you vote for me, a poor African boy will be given food. I also do not make promises to embezzle only a small portion of our school funds for dubious personal use. Ultimately, one could say, this would not be something I could do alone. Whether I'm elected or not, it isn't just the responsibility of the student government to make a fantastic school day.

It comes down to all of you, even the people sitting in this room, bored out of your minds, to make this a possibility. While I'm sure that I could deal with the funds for a field trip, I certainly don't want to pay $100 for two tickets. That's insane. And four people can't keep costs down while still maintaining all of the fun that is our learning time. While I'm looking to get involved in running our class's finances and helping to organize class related events, I certainly don't want to make all about me (only a little bit).

If elected, I would ask for and regularly enlist the help of all of you. While I could attempt to commandeer this position in a bloody coop, I have chosen to take the legal route into student office. In order to win, succeed, and actually do a good job, I'll need all of your help. I'm asking you to vote for me, and when/if I'm elected, I'm asking for you to help me and give me your input. This is, after all, about you, and not me. I'm running to work for you to make your 7th grade year as good as it can possibly