In a Wall Street Journal article titled “Greed is for Wimps”, the writer talks about how the new generation, Generation Y, is becoming more socially aware. According to the article, this new generation of professionals wants to give back to the community. Apparently it’s not enough to be successful and make all the money in the world. These young professionals are no longer satisfied with driving expensive cars and wearing name brand clothes. An interview with one such young entrepreneur explained how “the positive impact [we] make on people’s lives is the best measure” of accomplishment. (Omidi) With the way this new generation has such easy access to information over the Internet and socially networking sites, it facilitates them to become more socially conscious. Also, with the effects of the financial crisis still lingering around, this new generation is beginning to find unappealing careers that focus just on making money. Perhaps today’s youth is realizing that everyone’s lives in this world is more intertwined than we believed. We can no longer just look out for ourselves and we can’t decide to help others once we have all the money we want. Instead we should help others as we make our money. I really hope this article is revealing what’s really going on in today’s professional generation and it’s not just subjective. It would be great if everyone began to see that “social returns outweigh the financial ones. ”