SUPPORT INFORMATION - Flash - BIOS LIFEBOOK AH531 SUPPORT INFORMATION File Description Flash - BIOS LIFEBOOK AH531 Issue: Pages: 20. 08. 2012 3 Windows BIOS Update Utility - LIFEBOOK A531/AH531 Description: File: Version: Date: Size: Status: Manufacturer: Important information: !!! Connect AC adapter before flashing !!! !!! Please suspend BitLocker encryption before updating the BIOS on a computer that has BitLocker enabled !!! !!! Please reboot your system after flashing !!! FTS_Windows BIOS Update Utility - LIFEBOOK A531/AH531_1. 30_1073231. EXE 1. 30 28. 5. 2012 2,91 MB Fujitsu Comment: _______________________________________________________________________________ BIOS Update - Windows for LIFEBOOK A531/AH531 Copyright (c) Fujitsu Technology Solutions 2011 _______________________________________________________________________________ - Inventory 1. Introduction 2. Preparation 3. BIOS Update Procedure 4. BIOS Version History _______________________________________________________________________________ 1. Introduction This package contains BIOS update files supporting BIOS Update Windows environment. BIOS Update - Windows _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Preparation ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 1 of 3 http://support. ts. fujitsu. com/ SUPPORT INFORMATION - LIFEBOOK_AH531 FileDesc_1073231 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BIOS Update - Windows After downloading the *. exe file containing the BIOS Update Windows package you need to store the files to any directory. ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. BIOS Update Procedure Important notes: - Make sure that an AC adapter and a charged battery pack is connected to your system. - You need to have administrator privileges to run the BIOS update utility. - First you need to suspend BitLocker encryption before updating the BIOS on a computer that has BitLocker enabled. Attention: - Do not turn off or suspend the computer until the BIOS update has been completed. - BIOS update will be completed by a shutdown / reboot of the system.

BIOS Update - Windows: Run BIOS Update Utility (file: *. exe) to update your System BIOS in Windows environment. _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. BIOS Version History Current BIOS V1. 30 Solved problems: - Fixed Blue Screen 0x7B issue. BIOS V1. 29 Solved problems: -None BIOS V 1. 28 Solved problems: - Fixed black screen after resume from standby randomly. BIOS V. 1. 27 Solved problems: - Fixed system can't power on when it goes to S4 and press power button immediately. Fixed system can't boot when CPU Celeron B720 is installed. BIOS V1. 25 to V1. 26 were skipped. BIOS V. 1. 24: Solved problems: -Fixed input supervisor password over 20 times continuously ,it will be clear automatically. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 2 of 3 http://support. ts. fujitsu. com/ SUPPORT INFORMATION - LIFEBOOK_AH531 FileDesc_1073231 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -ADD F4 key to support Event LOG display.

BIOS V. 1. 23 Solved problems: - Update CPU microcode to support Intel CPU i7-2640M BIOS V. 1. 22: Solved problems: - Can't select text in MS words using the Ctrl + Shift + Arrow keyboard shortcuts. - Fixed sometimes ODD can not be recognized in winPE. Known errors, problems and restrictions: - None Additional information: - Patch kernel to fix SCSI command (USB_MASS_STORE_SCSI) length problem in Android OS. (TOSHIBA REGZA SmartPhone) - Improve EFI variable auto recovery algorithm to cover RMA NG ROM failure. Fixed PIT timer issue when resume from S3. - Change the string while My Recovery is loading. "Please wait while My Recovery is loading... "-->"Preparing now. Please wait for a while. " - When “WALKMAN A855” is connecting the system, system will hang up at FUJITSU logo. - The default setting of WOL is disabled in the BIOS setting. Change the power of LAN to low from high for battery life. - Update Realtek LAN controller PXE ROM from v2. 37 to v2. 41. - Fixed system can't boot after removeing AC/DC RTC battery for a while. Fixed memory frequence on 1333Mhz from "Auto". - Update BIOS version to support new SPI ROM source. - Update Intel SandyBridge CPU MicroCode. - Correct "Copyright 1985-2011 Phoenix Technologies Ltd. " string display in BIOS diagnostic screen. _______________________________________________________________________________ Copyright (c) Fujitsu Technology Solutions 2011 CONTACT FUJITSU LIMITED Mies-van-der-Rohe-Stra? 8 80807 Muenchen Germany Website: http://www. fujitsu. com/fts/