About This FAQ
This FAQ (short for Frequently Asked Questions which you should already know)
should be a helpful guide to anyone stuck and wanting tips for the Gameboy
Advance game Golden Sun. This FAQ was written by me, Ikillkenny, for use on
Gamefaqs.com and my web site Golden Sun Anonymous (see the link in the header).

I wrote this FAQ because I love Golden Sun and I wish to help others playing
it. If you'd like to contribute to this FAQ, give me an e-mail at
For easy navigation to the chapters, hold Control and hit F (when you're on
Windows any ways) in your browser window and type in the chapter you want to go
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Coming Soon
-Additions to the Monster List
-Finish Djinn Guide
-Make Portions of Walkthrough Less Cryptic
-Psynergy List
-Work on the Item List
-Level 45-ish right now. Djinn/Class Changing Section gets updated when I
reach Level 54.

-Version 2.0 Will Probably Be The Last Version of this FAQ (coming soon!)
FAQ Versions
-Updated my e-mail address to emailprotected
-A few minor changes.

-A little bit of on and off work from about January 3rd, 2002 - January 28th,
2002 (most work was done on January 26th - January 28th).

-Added Psynergy Section with a little information on when certain characters
learn certain Psynergy. Thanks to Koop and Levatation 0 for that information.

-Updated Frequently Asked Questions and Boss Strategies
-Added Codes, Secrets and Tips section.

-Added Further Information section.

-Spell Checked
1.95 - Started and Finished on January 1st, 2002
-Added information to the Boss Strategies section
-Added walkthrough for the southern path in Venus Lighthouse (not sure how I
missed putting this in.)
-Changed web site information, turned off Instant Messenges
-Minor additions
-Fixed all of the Chapter number errors
-Added a good Item List
-Added several notes to the chapters to clear up confusion
-Corrected several errors (far too many of these for my liking)
-Fixed "Issac" spelling error
1.93 - Off and on Work from December 11th, 2001 to December 19th, 2001
-Started Item List
-Semi-finished Level 29 Class Changing Section (Level 54 coming soon)
-Update to the Linked Battle section
-Help Wanted added for Item List
-Added Screen Shot Link
1.92 - Off and on Work from November 30th-ish, 2001 to December 10th, 2001
-Won the "FAQ of the Week" award ;-
-Added several minor things.

-Worked a little more on the Class Changing section (I'll have part 1 of that
finished in the next version)
1.91 - November 27th, 2001 through November 29th, 2001
-Changed "Robin" to "Isaac"
-Added Pointless ASCII Art
-Started Several New Sections
-Many New FAQs
1.9 - November 26th, 2001
-Spell Checked everything
-Added Monster List by Nova Mage
-Added ****SPOILER!***** (spelled backwards): EGA TSOL EHT :OWT NUS NEDLOG

-Added Coming Soon Section
-Starting to Tidy Things Up A Little More
-Added More FAQs
-Added ASCII Art Request
1.8 - November 25th, 2001 through November 26th, 2001
-Finished the Walkthrough (now a blue dot worthy FAQ)
-Added Djinn FAQ by Baby M
1.7 - November 25th, 2001
-Expanded Walkthrough up to and including all of Venus Lighthouse (save the
boss) and some of Crossbone Island.

1.7a - November 25th, 2001
-Expanded Walkthrough up to and including some of Venus Lighthouse and some of
Crossbone Island
-Pre-release version.

1.6 - November 24th, 2001
-Expanded Walkthrough up to and including the first part of Suhulla Desert
-Added Help Wanted ad (see above)
1.5 - November 22nd through November 23rd, 2001
-Expanded Walkthrough up to and including Collosso.

-Walkthrough about 2/3 done now.

-100 KBs
1.4 - November 22nd, 2001
-Expanded Walkthrough up to the boat to Tolbi
1.3 - November 21st, 2001 through November 22nd, 2001
-Expanded Walkthrough up to and including Altin Peak
-Added a *little* to the Djinn section.

1.2 - November 21st, 2001
-Expanded Walkthrough up to and including Mercury Tower.

1.1 - November 20th, 2001
-Expanded Walkthrough to Kolima
1.0 - November 17th, 2001 through November 20th, 2001
-First Version of this FAQ
-Walkthrough up to Vault
-Game play Section
-FAQs barely started
D-Pad: Select choice
A: Yes/Confirm/Next
L, R: Next
B: No/Back
D-Pad: Move
A: Talk To Someone/In-game Menu
Select: In-game Menu
Start: Pause Menu
L, R: Use preset command
B: Run/Back
Notes: Golden Sun's controls are pretty straightforward and you shouldn't have
any problem with them.

Regular Play
A good deal of Golden Sun is spent in regular play, where your character is
walking around performing certain tasks within towns, forests or dungeons. In
regular play, you can talk with different people, use Psynergy that will have
effects on the map (for example: using Move will move a rock out of the way),
and move around accomplishing whatever goal you may need to achieve. When
you're outside of protected towns or villages, each step you take will have a
small chance of a random enemy coming up, unless that attempt is thwarted by
obtained a feather or something to that extent.

World Map
The World Map operates much like Regular Play, except there won't be any people
to interact with or villages to explore. Instead, the World Map (which is
available once the first temple has been beaten) allows a player to move from
one place to another quickly due to the greater scale of movement (you'll
notice that your character is more pixilated because he is zoomed in on more.)
You will be able to go through trees, but not over water or mountains. Random
battles occur here, too.

Battle Screen
The battle screen, like most other RPGs, is a separate screen from the regular
game window where you and your allies fight various enemies that come along.
You will have the option of picking what attack, item, etc. each character uses
and on who before each round of attack. Generally your faster characters will
attack first, then the enemy will attack, then your slower characters will
attack. This cycle is repeated until you or the enemies are dead. There are
several important things to look out for in the Battle Screen. Each character
has HP which represents how much health he has left, and PP which represents
how much Psynergy he or she has left. When HP runs out, that character will
die and can only be brought back by an item that revives, or a Djinn that has a
revive move. When PP runs out, a character can no longer use Psynergy attacks
with Psynergy requirements greater than what is left. PP can be restored by
finding energy stones.

Inside each village there are several things to look out for. The first is an
Inn where you can rest for a small charge and replenish all of your party's HP
and PP (note: this doesn't affect passed out characters who have no HP left.)
To revive a character, cure a poison or a bad spell, look for a Sanctum which
is a building with an old man in it (note: If all of your party members die in
battle, you'll end up in the last one of these you visited.) For a larger fee
than what you paid in the Inn, you will be able to get treated with the things
listed before. Other important buildings include the Armor and Weapons shops
where you can buy the latest and greatest attack and defensive boosts for your
characters. I recommend getting the most expensive weapons and armor that you
can afford for each character in each town, because it is very important. Also
in each town is a shop where you can buy items, but this is not a very
important shop because you should have plenty of the items that the lady sells
from random battle collections.

These little characters probably made their way into the game thanks to the
success of Nintendo's Pokemon, but they are a very welcome addition. Djinn are
collected usually by battling them (they usually put up a pretty good fight)
when you encounter them in the wild. A Djinn has the power to alter a
character's stats, moves and even his or her type. Djinn are useful because
they expose different abilities in different characters, so mix and match
between characters to find the best combination for your situation. When Djinn
are on standby, a character can summon an extremely powerful elemental attack
that uses the power of many Djinn's combined to inflict strong blows on the
enemy. If you fight a Djinn and it runs, head out of the screen and come back
to fight it again.

There are 28 total Djinn located in a variety of places along the map. Use
this FAQ to find the Djinn as you go along, or in the future use this section
as a stand alone to find where the Djinn are.

And now, Baby M's Djinn Guide (exclusive to this FAQ). Note, this section is
not written by me, and I can't be held accountable for inaccuracies in this
Golden Sun Database Guide by Baby M-Version 2.01
1. Thanks
OK everyone, thank you to Camelot/Nintendo for making the game and me for my
amazing RPG skills, and other web sources.

2. Copyright
I copyright this data base that means you can put it on your site or whatever
provided you DON'T ALTER IT IN ANY WAY (That means KEEP MY NAME ON IT!!!). Baby
M is a worker of Mario Nursery, a subdivision of the division of Useless
Products Inc., which is a division of SushiWorld.

Please send mail regarding SushiWorld or any of its divisions/subdivisions to:
SushiWorld Tower
Main Tower of Crystal Street
Kirby's Dream Land-The closest thing to Heaven in your mortal life.

3. The Guide
Wellhere it is.

Part 1-The Djinn
Djinn are vital to your quest. When I was constantly being wiped out at Venus
Lighthouse, I went back and got all the Djinn I missed. My HP nearly doubled,
my Psynergy was much stronger, and my stats were greater! Don't skip a single
Djinni-you'll regret it later if you do! Set and Standby-some of the simplest
yet toughest strategy decisions you'll make in your RPG gaming life. To get the
great stats, you must put your Djinn on set. So why, you ask, would you put
them on Standby? The answer is summoning. When you summon, a great being will
come out and make a great attack on your opponent. Your Djinni won't be able to
be on Set or Standby after being summoned until it has recovered. Summons can
be anything from the weakest summons (yet still powerful) such as Mars and
Venus to the amazingly powerful wraths of Judgment and Boreas. Experiment a
bitand save a lot! ALSO: Save before you try to get a Djinni. Some might run
Earth Djinn
1.) Summon
1 Earth=Venus
2 Earth=Ramses
3 Earth=Cybele
4 Earth=Judgment
2.) Set
Name-Ability-Setting Effects-Location
Flint-Swift Strike-HP+8, PSY+4, ATK+3-When you leave Vale, he'll come right up
to you (just walk forward on the world map).

Granite-Reduce Damage-HP+9, DEF+2, AGL+2, LUCK+1-In Kolima Village, you'll see
him behind a fence. Walk directly into the back of the house the fence is
connected to (you can't see the door, camera angle). Follow that secret passage
and you'll come out to him.

Quartz-Revival-HP+10, PSY+3, AGL+3-In Mogall Forest, you'll eventually see an
Earth Djinni. There is a puzzle involving moving a rock into a hole, pushing
logs, etc. to get to him.

Vine-Lower Foe's Agility-HP+12, PSY+4, DEF+3, LUCK+1-At the end of Lamakan
Desert, go north then left over a bridge to a central island in the middle of a
circle river. Keep walking around and battling here until a Djinni attacks you.

Sap-Steal Enemy HP-HP+10, ATK+3, LUCK+1-Revisit Vault when you have Reveal. Go
up to the bell tower and ring the bell. A Djinni will run to a certain spot. Go
to the west side and climb the stairs. Now go around until you find a dog with
a bunch of tombstones. Use Reveal, and then go into the cave and on the other
side will be the precious Djinni.

Ground-Stun Enemy-???-He's above the mudslide at Kalay Docks. To get him,
you'll have to sail across the sea to Tolbi, and then walk back (top of sea) to
the docks. You will be only accessible to the mudslide platform, but that's all
you need! Grab that Djinni!
Bane-Attacks w/ Venom-???-He's in Crossbones Isle Cave. You will need the Cloak
Ball, and several other things. First, go to the place where you got Flash, the
Fire Djinni. Go into the cave, which ends at a pink tornado. Let it suck you
up, it'll transport you to an off-map placego under the mountains and then
into the gap to get into Crossbones Isle.

*WARNING-Dousing the cloud will cause a fight with the Tempest Lizard-a monster
you may not be ready for yet!*
Fire Djinn
1). Summon
1 Fire=Mars
2 Fire=Kirin
3 Fire=Tiamat
4 Fire=Meteor
2.) Set
Name-Ability-Setting Effects-Location
Forge-Raise Attack-HP+10, ATK+2, AGL+2, LUCK+2-In Goma Cave, he's on a ledge
above a man. You'll have to Move a bottom pillar so you can jump over later.

Fever-Delude Enemies-HP+12, ATK+3, LUCK+1-In the Northern part of Imil (top
floor), you will see a snowman. Move it with your Psynergy onto the ice. Now go
down to the ice and slide around until you get into the waterfall, where you
will find Fever.

Corona-Increase Defense-HP+12, ???+3, DEF+3, LUCK+1-When you leave Xian, head
North past a bridge. A Djinni should be around.

Scorch-Stun Enemy-HP+8, ATK+3-Go to the top right part of Kalay and go up on
the two story house. Jump onto the grass and head North. Move the statue to get
into a tunnel. Block the water pipe with a statue and get the Djinni.

Ember-Recover PP-HP+9, PSY+4, ATK+2, AGL+2-In the southernmost part of Tolbi,
squeeze right and grow the vine, freeze the puddle and then go to the inn, jump
across using the ice pillar and get the Djinni.

Torch-Lowers Defense-???-In Lavilero, look for a house on the east side with a
ladder going to the roof. Go into the house and climb the ladder, then jump on
the wall, jump to the roof with a Djinni on it.

Flash-Block Damage-???-In Suhalla Desert, you'll come to a ridge (before the
big storm tornado). At the beginning of it (when you come out of the narrow
crevices) use reveal to show a stump. Jump across and climb down to the Djinni.

Wind Djinn
1.) Summon
1 Wind=Jupiter
2 Wind=Atalanta
3 Wind=Procne
4 Wind=Thor
2.) Set
Gust-Repeated Wind Attack-HP+9, ATK+2, AGL+2-Climb the stairs on the right side
of the town, and walk south to get onto the fence. Whirlwind the vines and
enter the cave. Move the statue inside to get the Djinni.

Breeze-Element Resist Up-HP+12, PSY+5, DEF+2, LUCK+1-He's hiding on the highest
branch on the right at Tret Tree.

Zephyr-Raise Agility-HP+11, PSY+3, AGL+2, LUCK+1-In Fuchin Temple, there is a
puzzle you can solve to get the Djinni.

Smog-Delude Enemies-HP+9, ATK+3-At the top of the second screen in Lamakan
Desert, one of the circles of stones will have a Djinni in it (use Reveal to
see it).

Kite-Move Twice-HP+8, PSY+4, AGL+3-When you have Lift, go to vale and Lift the
boulder near where you met Kraden. Inside the small cave beyond you'll get the
Halt psynergy after solving a puzzle, which you must use on the Djinni to catch

Squall-Paralyze Foe-???-I forgot how I got this one^_^; its in Altmiller Cave

Luff-Seal Psynergy-???-At the entrance to Babi Lighthouse, there are two
ladders. Go down the left one and Move the pillar. Now go to the one on the
right and Move the other pillar. Jump across and go outside, grow the vine, go
through the door, and jump down the slide.

Water Djinn:
1.) Summon
1 Water=Mercury
2 Water=Nereid
3 Water=Neptune
4 Water=Boreas
2.) Set
Fizz-Recover HP-HP+9, PSY+4, DEF+3-When Mia joins your party, she'll have this
with her. Two-for-one! Cool, huh ^_^?
Sleet-Lower Enemy ATK-HP+12, ATK+3, LUCK+1-At Mercury Lighthouse in the room
with 6 waterfalls, and Sleet will be behind one of them.

Mist-Put to Sleep-HP+11, ATK+4-In Xian there is a girl on the dock that carries
water. Go right of her to the second door on the right. Go right up to it, but
don't go in. Wait for her to come over. When she stops moving (as you are in
her way), talk to her. She'll get ticked off because you spilled her water.

Freeze the puddle and climb upstairs, now jump across to the Djinni.

Spritz-Recover Party HP-HP+8, PSY+4, AGL+3-Defeat the water spitting beasts in
Altin Peak (all 3), then enter the bottom mine. Go on the path to the right,
and solve a puzzle to get the Djinni.

Hail-Lower Defense-HP+9, ATK+4, LUCK+1-Leave Tolbi. Go west until you come to a
vertical bridge (go over it). Head Northwest over the other bridge. Run around
for a while, the Djinni will eventually pop up in this area.

Dew-Revive the Downed-???-On the third screen at Suhalla Gate, go down the
third dirt slide from the left.

Tonic-Cure Party Ailments-???-After beating Toadonpa and seeing Master Hammet
off to Bonza at the cave, go back and find Donpa's quarters. He'll open a path
for you to get the Djinni.

Part 2: Psynergy
Outside of Battle:
Name-Effect-PP used-How to Get
Move-Move an Object-2 PP-Isaac and Garret know this automatically when you get
to start playing again after the "Three Years Later"
Retreat-Return to Dungeon Entrance-6 PP-Same as above, but Garret doesn't have

Mind Read-Read Someone's Mine-1 PP-Ivan knows this all the time.

Force-Hit from Distance-2 PP-Get this from a special item you get in Fuchin
Falls Cave. If you are stuck in the Dragon room, simply go back, get onto the
left ledge in the room, and feel along the ledge until you start walking in
air. Just feel your way to the next part.

Lift-Lift Rocks-2 PP-You get this in the treasure chest at the bottom of Altin
Peak (tiled room, after beating the big, BIG statue).

Reveal-Show Hidden Stuff-1 PP-At Lama Temple, Master Hama will give Ivan this

Cloak-Invisible in Shadows-1 PP-After winning Collosso, go to Babi's bed and
"borrow" (heh, not likely ;) his Cloak Ball.

Halt-Stop Moving Object-2 PP-When you revisit Vale with the Lift and Reveal
Psynergies, enter the cave near Kraden's house and solve the puzzles to get the
Halt psynergy before Kite, the Wind Djinni.

Carry-Lift and Move certain things-2 PP-Use Reveal on the weird stone with
faint pics on it. Inside you'll get Carry somewhere.

Catch-Grab Hanging Things-1 PP-When you leave Vale, a girl will give you a
present from your Mother. It'll be Catch Beads.

Grow-Grow Vines-4 PP-Several weird classes have this, but the easiest way to do
it is give Isaac a Fire Djinn and he'll have the Grow Psynergy.

Whirlwind-Blow away leaves-5 PP-Ivan also knows this, as long as you don't give
him Djinn besides Wind Djinn.

Frost-Turn Puddle into Pillar-5 PP-Mia should automatically know it, but you
can also get it from beating the first water statue thing at Altin Peak.

Douse-Put out Fires & Tornadoes-5 PP-Give Mia Wind Djinn and she should learn
it, or you can get the Douse Drop, which you'll get somewhere along the way (I
forgot ^_^;)
Cure-Recover 70 HP-3 PP-Isaac automatically knows this move.

Cure Well-Recover 150 HP-7 PP-Evolves from Cure.

Potent Cure-Recover 300 HP-10 PP-Evolves from Cure Well.

Ply-Recover 100 HP or Honor Statue (used in some puzzles)-Mia knows

Ply Well-Recover 200 HP-8 PP-Evolves from Ply.

Pure Ply-Recover 1000 HP-12 PP-Evolves from Ply Well.

Wish-Party Recovers 80 HP-9 PP-Mia learns in time.

Wish Well-Party Recovers 160 HP-13 PP-Evolves from Wish.

Pure Wish-Party Recovers 400 HP-20 PP-Evolves from Wish Well.

Revive-Self Explanitory-15 PP-Isaac learns in time.

Cure Poison-Self Explanitory-2 PP-Mia automatically knows it (if not, she will
learn it over time).

Avoid-Less Enemy Encounters-5 PP-Many mix and match Djinn classes have this
move. Example: Isaac as a Defender.

Gale-??? (Theory: Whirlwind Substitute)-3 PP-The Ninja class knows this.

2 Earth=Knight
4 Earth=Gallant
6 Earth=Lord
1 Fire=Brute
2 Fire=Ruffian
4 Fire=Savage
5 Fire=Barbarian
1 Wind=Apprentice
2 Wind=Illusionist
4 Wind=Enchanter
6 Wind=Shaman
1 Water=Swordsman
2 Water=Defender
4 Water=Cavalier
6 Water=Shaman
1 Earth=Brute
2 Earth=Ruffian
4 Earth=Savage
5 Earth=Barbarian
2 Fire=Soldier
4 Fire=Warrior
6 Fire=Champion
1 Wind=Page
2 Wind=Illusionist
4 Wind=Enchanter
6 Wind=Ascetic
1 Water=Swordsman
2 Water=Defender
4 Water=Cavalier
6 Water=Ascetic
1 Earth=Seer
2 Earth=Diviner
4 Earth=Shaman
6 Earth=Enchanter
1 Fire=Pilgrim
2 Fire=Wanderer
4 Fire=Ascetic
6 Fire=Enchanter
2 Wind=Magician
4 Wind=Mage
6 Wind=Magister
1 Water=Hermit
2 Water=Elder
4 Water=Scholar
6 Water=Savant
1 Earth=Seer
2 Earth=Diviner
4 Earth=Shaman
6 Earth=Cavalier
1 Fire=Pilgrim
2 Fire=Wanderer
4 Fire=Ascetic
6 Fire=Cavalier
1 Wind=Hermit
2 Wind=Elder
4 Wind=Scholar
6 Wind=Savant
2 Water=Scribe
4 Water=Cleric
6 Water=Paragon
More coming soon!
Here is a very small, but growing monster list by Nova Mage written for this
FAQ. This will be the next section that I myself will work on, so it will get
much large pretty quickly. Note: Nova Mage has discontinued working on this
section and if you have experience writing FAQs please e-mail me your resume if
you'd like to help. My e-mail emailprotected
EnemyExp. GoldItemFound
Wild Mushroom12noneVale
Slime22noneSol Sanctum
Amaze33Oil DropSol Sanctum
Zombie78noneWorld Map: Vale
Thieves66110Bandits SwordVault
Skeleton1011noneGoma Cave
Will Head910noneGoma Cave
Ghost99Oil DropGoma Cave
Rat Soldier1514noneWorld Map: Bilibin
Rat1417noneWorld Map: Bilibin
Ooze2640noneBilibin Cave
Troll3742noneBilibin Cave
Ghoul3442noneBilibin Cave
Gnome3440noneBilibin Cave
Drone Bee1925noneBilibin Cave
Mauler3745noneWorld Map: Imil
Lizard Man5467noneMercury Lighthouse
The item list is a currently incomplete list of all of the items in the game.
Please the top of this FAQ for how to contribute items that I have missed on
this Item List.

ITEM: Type: Details: Location
Key: (C) = Cursed; _ = Blank; (R) = Random Battle;
Note: My Weapons/Armor section was removed due to the fact that there are
several existing (and better) guides.

Here's some further information on item drops in Venus Lighthouse and a few
surrounding areas from BlackMaurader from the GameFAQs.com message board
-The Prophet's Hat is dropped by Dread Hounds in Altmiller Cave (This one is
outdated by the time you get to the Venus Lighthouse though).

-The Feathered Robe is dropped by Wild Gryphons in the Venus Lighthouse, this
one is GOOD. Get two, one for Ivan and the other for Mia, if you can.

-The Blessed Mace is dropped in Venus Lighthouse, I don't know who drops it
though... it's by an enemy on the top floors (where the music changes) though.

-The Aura Gloves are dropped by Magicores in the Suhalla Desert... I have no
clue if these are good or not, since I'm looking for them now.

-The Giant Axe is dropped by Earth Golems (this is only what I heard from one
source, I do not vouch for it's accuracy), and it's special is supposed to be

-The Kukuichimonji Sword is dropped by Fenrirs on the top floors of the Venus

-Spiked Armors are dropped by Boulder Beasts at the top floors of the Venus
Lighthouse, they're not all that good since, although they do increase attack,
it's usually not enough to make up for the defense loss compared to other

-Finally, Grand Golems in the Venus Lighthouse top floors drop Zodiac Wands. I
don't have these either.

And finally here's a much more complete item guide:
Name Effects of Equping
Battle AxeATK +24Axe
Great AxeATK +80Axe
--Light Blades--
Short SwordATK +08Light Blade
Hunter's SwordATK +28Light Blade
Battle RapierATK +58Light Blade
Mater RapierATK +86Light Blade
Swift SwordATK +104Light Blade: Unleashes Sonic Smash
MaceATK +06Mace
Battle MaceATK +56Mace
--Long Swords--
Long swordATK +14Long Sword
Broad SwordATK +40Long Sword
ClaymoreATK +70Long Sword
Great SwordATK +90Long Sword
Wooden StickATK +04Staff
Shaman's RodATK +10Staff
Witch's WandATK +32Staff: Unleashes Stun Voltage
*Zodiac WandATK +102Staff: Unleases Shining Star
Frost WandATK +76Staff: Unleashes Frost Bite
Bandit SwordATK +12Unleashes: Rapid Smash
Magic RodATK +16Unleashes: Murk
Eleven RapierATK +44Unleashes: Vorpial Slash
Blessed AnkhATK +46Unleashes: Psyphon Seal
Arctic BladeATK +55Unleashes: Blizzard
PsyEnergy RodATK +64Unleashes: Psyenergy Leach
Angelic AnkhATK +83Unleashes: Lifeleach
Mystery BladeATK +84Unleashes: Life Noursish
Burning AxeATK +84Unleashes: Broil
Assasin BladeATK +90Unleashes: Mortal Danger
Ninja BladeATK +94Unleashes: Cyclone Attack
ShamShirATK +99Unleashes: Acid Bath
Burning AxeATK +100Unleashes: Heat Mirage
Crystal RodATK +106Unleashes: Drown
--Extra Abilities--
*Blessed MaceATK +126Mace: Unleases shining Star
HP Rec. +2
Demonic StaffATK +92Unleashes: Bad Omen
Silver BladeATK +108Unleashes: Aqua Sock
- Wind Power +10
Righteous MaceATK +112Mace: Unleashes Binding Stone
HP Recovery +3
MuramasaATK +126Unleashes: Demon Fire
Demon AxeATK +132Unleashes: Poison Cloud
Wicked MaceATK +132Unleashes: Poison Death
Gaia BladeATK +135Unleashes: Titan Blade
- Earth Pow/Res +20
Name Effects of Equipping
One Piece DressDEF +04Robe
JerkinDEF +26Robe
Padded GlovesDEF +02Gloves
GauntletsDEF +23Gloves
CircletDEF +06Circlet
Silver CircletDEF +16Circlet
Gaurdian CircletDEF +25Circlet
Platinum CircletDEF +29Circlet
Wooden CapDEF +10Hat
Leather CapDEF +03Hat
Mail capDEF +23Hat
Open HelmDEF +09Helm
Iron HelmDEF +20Helm
Steel HelmDEF +27Helm
Knights HelmDEF +33Helm
Cotton ShirtDEF +03Clothing
Travel VestDEF +07Clothing
Silver VestDEF +28Clothing
Leather ArmorDEF +12Armor
Chain MailDEF +25Armor
Armored ShellDEF +30Armor
Steel ArmorDEF +36Armor
Wooden ShieldDEF +06Shield
Bronze ShieldDEF +14Shield
Iron ShieldDEF +20Shield
Knight's ShieldDEF +28Shield
Leather ArmletDEF +07Braclet
Heavy ArmletDEF +25Braclet
--Extra Abilities--
Mythril ShirtDEF +10Shirt: Boosts HP
Max HP +05
Running ShirtDEF +01Shirt: Boosts Agility
AGL +15
Silk Shirt.DEF +06Shirt: Boosts Luck
LCK +01
Dragon ShieldDEF +26Shield: Resists Fire
- Fire Resist +30
Earth ShieldDEF +31Shield: Resists Earth; Restores HP
- Earth Resist +20
- Number of Uses
- It might Brake
- If used in Battle
Hyper BootsDEF +04Boots: Critical Hits Increase
Quick BootsDEF +03Boots: Boosts Agility
AGL +20
Fur BootsDEF +02Boots: Increases Resistance to Water
- Water Resist +15
Turtle bootsDEF +03Boots: Decreases Agility
Agility X .5 (1/2)
War GlovesDEF +32Gloves: Boosts ATK
ATK +10
Spirit GlovesDEF +34Gloves: All elemental power +5
- Fire power +05
- Earth power +05
- Wind Power +05
- Water Power +05
Aura GlovesDEF +36Gloves: Use to resist all elements.

- Number of Uses
- It might Brake
- If used in Battle
Gaurdisn ArmletDEF +27Braclet: Boosts Defense
- Number of Uses
- It might Brake
- If used in Battle
Spirit ArmorDEF +32Armor:Resists all Elements
- Earth Resist +15
- Water Resist +15
- Fire Resist +15
- Wind Resist +15
Spiked ArmorDEF +34Armor: Boosts Attack; Crit. Hits Increase
ATK +10
Dragon ScalesDEF +44Armor: Boosts Water and Fire Resist
- Water Resist +30
- Fire Resist +30
Elevin ShirtDEF +22Armor: Boosts Agility
AGL X 1.5 (1-1/2)
Storm GearDEF +42Armor: Boosts Water,Wind, And Fire Resist
- Water Resist +30
- Fire Resist +30
- Wind Resist +30
Ninja GarbDEF +36Armor: Boosts Agility; Boosts Wind Resist
AGL +30
- Wind Resist +10
Demon MailDEF +50Armor: Decreases Wind Resistance
- Wind Resist -10
Asura's ArmorDEF +42Armor:Boosts Attack;Replenishes HP
ATK +05
HP Recovery +8
Water JacketDEF +30Clothing:Resists Water & Fire.

- Water Resist +30
- Fire Resist +20
Blessed RobeDEF +36Robe: Recovers HP
HP rec. +05
Featherd RobeDEF +45Robe: Increses Wind Power Water Resist; Agility
AGL +30
- Wind Power +20
- Water Resist +30
KimonoDEF +25Robe: Resists Fire; Boosts Agility
AGL +10
- Fire Resist +10
Oracle's RobeDEF +43Robe: Resists Water; boosts HP recovery
- Water Resist +43
HP recovery +10
China DressDEF +19Robe: Drops Enemy's Attack
- Number of Uses
- It might Brake
- If used in Battle
Magical CassockDEF +39Robe: Replenishes PP
PP Recovery +2
Mirrored ShieldDEF +39Shield: Deludes Enemies
- Number of Uses
- It might Brake
- If used in Battle
VambraceATK +5Gloves: Boosts Attack
DEF +27
Battle GlovesATK +8Gloves: Boosts Attack
DEF +26
Spirit ArmletDEF +38Braclet: Used to cure Ailments
-Earth Power +10
-Water Power +10
- Number of Uses
- It might Brake
- If used in Battle
Virtuous Armlet DEF +35Braclet: Used to restore 100 HP
- Fire Power +10
- Wind Power +10
- Number of Uses
- It might Brake
- If used in Battle
Lucky CapDEF +33Crown: Boosts Critical Hits; Restores PP
Critical Hits Increase
PP Recovery +2
Thunder CrownDEF +40Crown: Restores PP
PP Recovery +4
Jeweled CrownDEF +35Crown: Boosts Luck
Luck +05
Prophet's HatDEF +30Cap: casts Cure
- Number of Uses
- It might Brake
- If used in Battle
Ninja HoodDEF +28Cap: Boosts Agility
AGL +20
Warriors HelmDEF +35Helm: Critical Hits Increase
- Earth Power +10
Lure CapDEF +20Cap: Increase battles when equipped.

Boosts monstor encounters
Name Effects of Equping
--Psyenergy Items--
Catch BeadsBestows PsyenergyBestows Catch When Equipped
Orb Of ForcceBestows PsyenergyBestows Force When Equipped
Frost JewelBestows PsyenergyBestows Frost When Equipped
Douse DropBestows PsyenergyBestows Douse When Equipped
Lifting GemBestows PsyenergyBestows Lift When Equipped
Halt GemBestows PsyenergyBestows Halt When Equipped
Healing Ring-Ring: Used to restore 70 HP
--Healing Items--
HerbSingle-UseReplenishes 50 HP
NutSingle-UseReplenishes 200 HP
VialSingle-UseReplenishes 500 HP
PotionSingle-UseReplenishes all HP
AntidoteSingle-UseCures Poison
Psy CrystalSingle-UseReplenishes all PP
Water Of LifeSingle-UseRevives Downed Characters
--Attack Items--
Crystal PowderSingle-UseCauses Damage with Ice
Weasles ClawSingle-UseCauses Damage with Claws
CREATED 12/2/01
MY E-MAIL IS: emailprotected
MY AIM S/N IS "ljump12" (NO QUOTES)
Note: a * Before name of Item = very rare
Special thx to lilb0706 for all the help getting back to the earlier cities,
(and making me feel stupid for not knowing how to do it.)
I would also like to thank him for giving me all the higher level weapons,
and Armor. You've been a great help


12/6/01 Version 1.1
Added more weapons from earlier stages.

12/6/01 Version 1.1.5
Put in order.

12/7/01 Version 1.2
Added more lower level items
Fixed Formatting problems... i think... i hope.

12/8/01 Version 1.3
Adeed Categories
Added Many Higher Level Weapons
12/17/01 Version 1.4
Finally Finished adding in all of the things that Lib0706 has given to me.

As i find new items in the game i will update it. This is close to the final,
if not the final version.

If you would like to make any corrections, Or add any any Items, put them in
the format of this FAQ and
send it to me. emailprotected
12/18/01 Version 1.5
I added a New Items Section, There will be another Update containg more items
12/19/01 Version 1.5.1
I added 3 new Rare Items( they were found off of monsters.)
The first thing to do in Golden Sun is to name yourself. The default name is
Isaac, but you may want to change this because it will be the only name you can
change (unless you press select three times to change the names of other party
members. NEW: (source midgetjackietran) After pushing select three times, push
up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, up, right, down, left, up, and
select to name Felix, his sister, and the girl that King Babi kidnaps.)
Golden Sun starts off in a small village in Vale. Dora, your mother, tells you
to get up and that a storm is brewing and a giant boulder will crush you if you
don't make it to the town plaza. Well, after lots of conversation and cut away
shots, you finally get to command your character. You're told to get down to
the town plaza in order to escape danger from falling boulders. Ordinarily,
you would be able to get to the town plaza by just going down the various steps
in Vale. However, small boulders fall in all of these staircases (jee, what
are the odds?) due to the storm, and prevent you from walking down. So, head
north a little bit to find your first party member, Garret. After instructing
him to leave his bags where he's standing so that he won't die, Garret joins
your party and you two are off westward. Climb the ladder and cross the bridge
westward. Eventually you'll arrive at the western most part of the town, and
at this point you'll want to pull a U-Turn and start heading southeast. Before
doing this you'll meet up with a guy who's faking an injury worse than a
Brazilian soccer player (although if you say that he is going to die he will
disappear and actually die.) He tells you to watch out for some monsters on
the way.

Heading back east you probably will encounter a few monsters, but they're
nothing to worry about at all. Climbing down a long staircase you'll see a
tragic incident in which a young boy, Felix, is hanging on for dear life to a
small tree stump in a raging river. The tragic thing about it is that his
relatives are all out of Psynergy and can't help him. Two sisters will be
deployed for help after everyone is done talking, and, surprise, it's up to you
to go to the town plaza to find someone with enough Psynergy remaining to save
Fenix. Travel south under the bridge, then take a ladder back up and cross the
same bridge. Shortly there after you'll arrive in the Town Plaza. Walk to
some of the men in the southern part of the plaza and one of them will
volunteer to help Felix (the other two will go to help save the town against
the boulder). Jenna and a muscular dude with some Psynergy left will join you.

After returning to the house where Felix is drowning, Jenna and her relatives
engage in a conversation. Right as the muscular guy who's with you goes down
to save Felix, the giant boulder breaks lose and tragically drowns the people
on the dock and Felix. It's now up to you to go find someone to save everyone
from drowning. Head back towards the town plaza to discover a man and a woman
talking about the awesome power of Alchemy and how it unleashed the boulder on
the town. They then battle you. Don't worry about this one, because you're
meant to lose it (there is no way to win.) NEW: If you use a Game Shark and
cheat to win the battle, you still will have the same result as if you lose the
battle (like you're supposed to.) Left for dead, so begins the first part of
Golden Sun (as you'll see by the intro screen appearing.)
Three years later the town is still rebuilding. In fact, you're patching up
the roof for Dora which results in a really LONG conversation. Jenna and
Garret arrive and dish their deal about how you've now started to master
Psynergy. After Garret breaks your roof, you're off to see Kraden in the
Western most part of the town. On the way you'll meet up with the evil duo you
met earlier. This time they won't want to fight, but instead will just run off
to the mountains. Keep going a little further west, and head up the stairs to
meet with Kraden. He'll ramble for a while about Alchemy and how Saturos and
Menardi seemed to have actually been in the Sanctum before, and eventually give
you a mission: take him the Sol Sanctum up in the mountains. Once the
conversation is done, head back east back towards the direction of your house.
Once you get across the bridge, head to the left of the brown sanctum. A guard
will stop you and tell you that no one is allowed up there. Simply walk back
that way again and you're on your way to the first dungeon, Sol Sanctum.

Sol Sanctum
Once you arrive in the Sol Sanctum, head forward until you get to a stepping
stone area over water. Use the right most path, and once you get near the top,
turn left and then do a U-turn. Head through the unusually long tunnel and
fend off the easy monsters that will attack you. Eventually you'll arrive in
another room with stepping stones on it, and head up the middle, arriving on
the other side in the middle path. Open the treasure chest at the end of the
path and head back. When you're on the stones again head right, advance in the
pathway. Use the gem you got from the chest on the statue there to open up a
new path accessible by traveling on the far left stepping stones. In the next
room you'll find a "dead end" with lots of statues that Kraden doesn't think is
the actual Sol Sanctum. Obviously this isn't a dead end, so go up to the
statue in the right hallway that has a white dash around it. Push that statue
to the side and go through the door. You'll end up in a large chamber with
many different paths. Head left, then up, then right to the wall, then up to
the wall, then left to the wall, then down to the second narrow path on the
left where you'll want to enter and find a treasure chest with a small gem in
it. Head back from whence you came (I love saying that) and go up to the
narrow hallway to the left that you skipped earlier. At the end of the hallway
go through the door to find Kraden talking about using your Psynergy to move
statues across the river.

Go up to a ledge and press A to activate your in-game menu. Choose the
Psynergy option and then choose Move under Isaac or Garret. The ledge you want
to go to first is the one on the farthest left. Move this to reveal a figure
that you will put a gem into. This opens a path in the door all the way to the
right of the room. Head to the right to enter the real Sol Sanctum room. Here
you learn that Saturos and company were here to rob the Sol Sanctum (oh no!)
Head right to enter the Luna room where Kraden will hang out until you find a
secret passage. To activate this secret passage, head to the bottom of the
Luna room and up the stairs. In the first room with the four statues, don't
touch anything because it's a trap. Instead, go to the left to the sun room.
Push the two statues at the top corners onto the white squares, then hop into
the center and use your move psynergy to move the big statue into the lighted
area. Move back to the room on the right and start pushing the statues into
the gray squares. Once all of the statues are in place, head back down to the
bottom staircase if you want a Psynergy stone that will restore all of your PP
(you may not need this though.) Then head back from whence you came (how many
times will I say that in this FAQ?) and go back to where Kraden is. He'll get
very excited and tell you that you need to find something that's changed. Head
left and observe the crack of light coming from the wall. Once Kraden's done
talking walk up to it, press A and open up a portal that takes you to the inner
Sol Sanctum.

You'll find yourself on a small blue rock in the middle of a large room.
Kraden will start talking his head off about the Elemental Stones and you and
Garret will have to go retrieve them. You'll obtain a bag to place the stones
in. Now, go to the northeast corner of center rock and hop to the ledge. Make
your way to the right and eventually down once you can go right no longer.
You'll end up on an island with a white statue. Press A when facing it to get
the first stone. Now, head back up north, and you'll notice that it's now
possible to get to the statue in the northeast corner. After activating this
one, make your way back to the center island. Now, use the path leading from
the bottom of the island and SAVE BEFORE YOU GET THIS STONE. Once you get this
stone get ready for one of the longest conversations of the game. When Kraden
doesn't tell you to go get another stone, you both look back towards the center
island to find Kraden and Jenna being held hostage by Saturos and company.
They demand the elemental stars and want you to go get them the last one. Here
an interesting plot twist develops, where it turns out that Felix is still
alive and was in fact saved by the evil duo. Garret will give your current
elemental stones to Alex who mysteriously appears on one of the stones.
Finally you will take command of your character again, and you'll want to save.

Head back right and to the center island. Go to the northwest ledge again,
and start heading all the way north. Once you get all the way north, start
heading to the left until about 3 squares from the Northwest corner where
you'll want to head down and the further left. Get the last stone and get
ready for more conversations. This time a giant eyeball who is actually the
protector of the Sol Sanctum appears and starts creating a fierce eruption.
The gang in the center will take off with Jenna and Kraden as their hostages,
and the "giant eyeball thing" as Garret calls it will transport you back into
the Luna room. Here you'll want to use your "Retreat" psynergy to get
transported back to the start of the dungeon. Congratulations, the first
dungeon is complete!
Going Away...To Vault
Head out and back towards town to find many people gathered near the brown
building worrying that you two might be hurt in the eruption. You go into the
Sanctum and discover that the Great Healer had a vision from the Giant
Eyball/Protector of the Sol Sanctum. He says that Vale will be protected, but
a terrible power is coming to ruin Vale's future. Surprise, surprise, it turns
out that the only ones who can save Vale and the rest of the world's future is
you two. Once that sequence is complete, there's a going away party for you at
the town gate. Your Mom, Dora, has Garret's sister give you the item Catch
Beads which allows you to grab items that you couldn't normally get (such as
nuts in the tree or keys beyond a jail cell.)
You're now in the world map. See the "game play" section for some more
information about the World Map. Start heading south to find your very first
Djinn, Flint a Venus Djinn, flying around. He'll come up to you and explain
the advantages of collecting Djinn and exactly what they do. He'll teach you
the basics of using Djinn in battle, so pay attention if it's your first time
playing. Once that's all finished, make your way along the dirt path, heading
southeast to the town of Vault. Before you can enter the town, you'll see
Master Hammet, the greatest merchant of all time, leaving the town in his group
of covered wagons. He'll talk about how Ivan is responsible for his rod
getting stolen, and how he has Psynergy that he'll need to retrieve it.
Getting scared by a falling rock, he eventually ends up heading north to Lupna.

Now you'll find yourself in the town of...

Note: There is a Djinn in vault in the trees. It may look like there's a way
to get this Djinn, but there is no way (at this time.) Keep playing the game
until you finally come to Vault...Again where you will have the skills
necessary to get this Djinn.

The first thing that you want to do in any town is head to the inn. Here, for
a small fee, you can get all of your characters' health and psynergy points
completely restored. Next, head to the weapons shop in the northeastern part
of town and buy the best weapons and armor upgrades that are available (you'll
want to do this routine at every town.) Now it's time to find Ivan, the one
that Master Hammet said lost his rod. Head to the house on the hill in the
northwest part of the town. In the northwest corner of the house stands Ivan.
Talk with him and he'll start to read your mind. You tell him about psynergy
and the works, and decide that you can use his Mind Read to find who stole the
rod. Ivan will then join your party, and you're off to the inn in the south
part of town. If you talk with the people in the downstairs floor of the inn
you'll discover that the two people upstairs were gone during volcanic eruption
at the Sol Sanctum. So, head upstairs to find the two men with incredibly bad
Beatles-esque haircuts. They'll be scared of you, and no matter how hard you
try you won't be able to corner one of them to mind read them. So, leave the
room and Ivan will suggest that you split up to corner them. You and Ivan will
now easily corner one of them and he'll read the criminal's mind. You end up
outside of their room and Ivan concludes that the people upstairs are the
criminals. He also reveals that the stolen goods are somewhere in the inn.
Head outside the inn and climb up the ladder going up to the roof of the inn.
Walk over the hole in the roof to fall into the hidden cellar where the
criminals are hiding the stolen goods! Use your psynergy to move the large
box blocking the door, then jump across the gap and go into the room. Talk to
the kid tied up to have the three bandits come in and start talking about
Lupna. To keep you from "ratting" them out, the criminals attack you. Get
ready for your first boss fight of the game!
These guys are very easy to beat. Have Ivan and Garret use their Psynergy on
them, while Isaac uses Flint's attack and the Mercury Summon them. You
shouldn't even have to use any health boosting substances to defeat these easy
evil do-ers. Now the mayor will come and get back his stolen Precious Urn.
Ivan also finds Master Hammet's stolen rod in one of the chests. Climb back
out of the cellar and head back to the house where you found Ivan at (it's in
the Northwestern part of town up on a hill.) The Mayor will give you some
Water of Life that can revive a downed character. Before you leave town, stop
back at the inn to get your HP and PP recovered once more.

On The Road To Bilibin
Note: If you have not yet completed your tasks in Vault, you will not be able
to pass through the cave because Ivan won't follow you up there. Please see
the section above for more information.

From Vault you want to head east. Keep heading east until you cross the
bridge, and from there you want to start heading north. Keep progressing this
way until you find a cave entrance. Make your way up the ladders until you get
to a gap with a tree stump covered by leaves. Your psynergy isn't going to
help you for this one, so try jumping over. When you try this, Garret comes
out and tells you that your Psynergy isn't going to work. By totally random
coincidence here comes Ivan who will blow the leaves off of the stump thanks to
his new rod. He now wants to join your quest, and you're back in command.
Now, move the stump, jump across and use Ivan's Whirlwind psynergy to clear the
leaves at the gate to get in the cave.

In this cave you'll find a lot of ghosts and skeletons which aren't too tough.
Primarily, you should use group attacking Psynergy that hits multiple enemies
at once (like Ivan's lightening attack.) Inside the cave head up until you get
to a stopping point (as in a cave wall.) Hop over the stepping stone there and
head down. Next, head up the stairs and through the door. Head down the
stairs and to the right. Here you'll see a traveler on the ground a Djinn on a
ledge. Push the wood tree stump as high as it goes and so that it's in the
middle of the two ledges. Now, head back from whence you came (3), but instead
of going back up the staircases, head south and hop across a small stream.
Continue along the path going through the various doorways. Eventually you'll
get to a stepping stone that you'll want to hop across and to the other side.
Go up the staircases and start ledge hopping. When you arrive at a ledge with
a large tree stump, use Move to push it to the right. Hop onto this ledge then
the ledge to the south, then Move the stump back to the left. Hop over and
then over and to the right to obtain the treasure chest. Make your way back
from whence you came (up to 4) and get back to the ledge surrounded by water.
Go to the stepping stone to the right of the stairs, hop across and go up the
stairs there. From here jump across the stump that you placed earlier to get a
battle the Mars Djinn on the ledge. This Djinn is harder than your normal
enemy, but he's not too tough. Use your existing Djinn on him, and also use
your lone summon plus Psynergy attacks to beat him pretty Handily. Once he's
defeated you will obtain this Mars Djinn, Forge. Head back to the ledge with
the staircases and proceed upwards. You'll see a stump blocking the ledge that
you have to hop to, so use Move to push that into the water. Hop across, go up
and across the bridge and at the end of the hallway you'll be out of the
tunnel. 3 seconds of moving right later and you'll be in...

When you first enter this town you'll find a tree that looks like a man and is
spooking everyone in the town out. Well, the deal about the tree is that it
was cursed by the big, evil, dieing tree in the forest that you'll travel to
later. Head into the Inn to restore all your stats, then to the weapons shop
not too far from there. If you were clever you would have noticed that there's
a statue in the center of town that you can move. This statue leads to an
underground tunnel. However, you're not going to be able to get the Djinn down
there by this entrance. Instead, head to the Northeastern part of town and
take a walk on the wooden logs that make up the fence of the town. Make your
way all the way to the western part of the town and whirlwind a leaf covered
entrance. Go down the ladder, and move the statue back using Psynergy, then
hop across and press A to the Djinn to get it (no battle required this time.)
You now have the wind Djinn, Gust.

Come back all the way from whence you came (5) and proceed to the north part of
town. Go up the large stairs and arrive at the town castle. Talk to the guard
on the left and he'll let you in. Keep heading forward to arrive at Lord
McCoy's chambers. He'll offer you the key to get past the Barricade he set up
to block passengers from going to Kolima forest, but then he decides that he
doesn't want to send warriors so young to their "deaths" so he retracts his
offer. However, thanks to another guard leaking some information you discover
that the barricade was very hastily built. Head out of town and you're now on
your way to Kolima forest.

To Kolima/Forest
Head southeast until you get to the Barricade. Here, go up to the box on the
far left and use your Move psynergy. Tada! The Barricade has been broken, and
you're now off Northeast to Kolima.

At this point you have a few options in the game. You can go either to the
town of Kolima, to Kolima Forest, or to Imil to the north. This guide
recommends you go to Kolima first to obtain the Djinn there and then to Kolima
Forest because it will be much easier than Imil.

Kolima, as it turns out, has been completely turned into a log-person town.
The opening cinematic shows how the people of Kolima were turned into
log-people, and explains the instinctive Psynergy that occurs only when it's
needed and can't be controlled. After the particularly long and dull
explanation, you can start exploring Kolima. However, the only way to figure
out what's going on in Kolima is Ivan's handy mind-read function, but it really
isn't too useful. in fact, the only thing to do in Kolima right now is head to
the eastern part of town where there is a Tree-House with a Djinn surrounded by
a fence. Go in the non-visible door in the back of the Tree-House and travel
around the especially long basement to end up in fenced-in area. Here you will
obtain an Earth Djinn, Granite without a battle. Head back form whence you
came (5) and out of the town completely.

Kolima Forest
Kolima forest is not a long walk away from Kolima. Head northwest and you'll
see on the map a forest with a gold entrance to it. Go up to it and prepare to
enter Kolima forest. The enemies in Kolima forest will start to become more
plentiful and a little more difficult than usual. They're still nothing to be
afraid of, but make sure that you don't run out of PP on Isaac and get left
without a heal.

Head due north to get to the first easy puzzle of Kolima forest. Head
northeast and go across the river using the log path that's already there.
Head west, push the log that's in your way west and then go around it to the
north. Keep going west until you get to the next screen. Here you want to
head south and then west, pushing the log in your way to the left. Keep
heading north along that trail until the path pulls a U-turn that will take you
to the next stage. On the next screen, hang to the right and go up. Push the
vertical log towards the west, then head north around all the stumps. Push the
horizontal log down, then the vertical log east, then go down to the log on the
bottom and push that one down. Push the horizontal log above it back up, and
then push the vertical log all the way back to the west. This will place the
log in the water, so jump across it. Head up the stairs and to the east to get
to the next stage. This next screen is a little tricky, but at least there
aren't any monsters on it. Go east until you see a switch that a sign says do
not touch. Obviously you have to switch that, so press A when you're next to
it to lower the water level. Now, head down the stairs and push the topmost
vertical log to the left. Go back to the switch and hit it again to fill up
the water level, then hop across the logs to get to the ledge on the other

On the next screen you will find Tret and his lady counterpart. Head over to
the east to find Tret, and climb the vine on the front of him to enter in the
door above his head. The main objective of the Tret "Dungeon" is to get to the
top floor where you will then proceed to fall down on a leaf in the middle, and
continue to fall through those open holes in the middle of each screen to reach
the basement where Tret is. So, when you first enter the tree give it a nice
save incase you die later on. Now, head to the right, then proceed north and
then to the left. Climb the vine to reach the next floor. On this floor, head
all the way to the bottom most part of the ledge. Now, jump across the three
leaves on the bottom to reach the other side. Note: jumping back over a leaf
you've already jumped on means falling down at least 1 floor. Head out the
door on the right to end up in one of Tret's branches. Head east without
deviating from the main branch to find a vine to climb up to. Do so, and then
start heading back west. Once you're back in the tree, head around the tree
clockwise, until you can reach an inner ledge. Note: You can jump for the Psy
Crystal at the north part of the screen, but you really shouldn't need it.
Jump to the leaf and continue north, as you don't especially need the treasure
chest (it contains a healing ring that will restore 70 HP (thanks to Josh Moore
for that correction) when equipped, although it gets worn out reasonably
On the next floor, head out the bottom door and go east until you get to a
branch which you should climb up. Follow the branch until you get to the main
one, and here head left just a little and then up the first branch to the
north. Here you'll find a Djinn that you're going to have to battle, so save
and heal before you fight him. This guy is a little harder than usual, so make
sure that you keep your health up using herbs and Isaac's Cure Psynergy. When
you're in the battle, use Flint to his best abilities, also try to summon any
elements that you have. This Djinn doesn't like to be captured, so unless you
beat him substantially he will run. If he does run, head back to another
screen and then back to where he was. He should show up again and you can give
another shot at him. Once you defeat him you'll get the Jupiter Djinni Breeze.

Head back into the tree using the main branch to get a treasure chest that has
a nut in it. Then you'll want to intentionally drop down to the previous
level. Now that you're on the previous floor, head counter clockwise and out
the door on the left. Go off the first deviant to the south and up the vine.
From here, go back east until you get back in the room. Here, go to the
southern most part of the room and hop to the middle leaf. Once there, hop one
to the right and then back to the middle leaf to fall down the center and into
the basement.

Now that you're in the basement, it's time to fight Tret. Save before you do
this and inactivate all your Djinn. Make sure you have full health, as well.
Tret has about 350-450 HP, so it's going to take you a few rounds to get him.
Your best bet is using Summons, then Flint with Isaac, and using Psynergy with
the others. Tret's attacks aren't too great, so you shouldn't have too much of
a health problem. Once he's dead Tret will come to, realizing that he
shouldn't have turned people into trees. However, he no long has the strength
to cure Kolima, so you need to begin a trek to get an item to heal him (more on
that later.) Once Tret is done talking the talk, use retreat to get to the
entrance of the tree, then use retreat again to end up back at the start of the

Heading North
The next village that you'll have to go to is the plague infected Imil. Head
back west to Bilbin Barricade. Here you will find several trees scattered.
Hop up on the stepping stone and use Move to move the trees back to the land.
You'll get a "Hard Nut" (let's not make any bad jokes about that one ;) which
boosts defense after you complete your tasks in Imil. Thanks to Thomas Kim
emailprotected for that information. First you'll want to head back west to
Bilibin to stop at the inn and heal all of your party members. Once you're
done, head out of Bilibin and start heading northwest. You'll cross over a
bridge and have to go due west for a while, fighting a few easy monsters on the
way. Cross the other bridge and continue along the white dirt path. Finally
you'll reach the Bilibin Cave entrance. Hop the waterfall and enter in the
open cave door there. Head right at the first fork and continue that way until
you can go down the stairs. Do so and head east through a room with lots of
ice cylinders around (it's getting colder.) Follow that straight through to
get to the exit door and arrive very close to Imil. Start traveling north and
then to the west and gradually you'll end up in the town of...

Imil is being plagued by a terrible cold, and the only one who can save them is
Mia. The first house you want to enter is the first one directly ahead of you
when you first enter town. First, go to the treasure chest and get the empty
bottle. This is very important for later on! Now, talk with the old man and
he suddenly becomes very ill (what did you do to him? ;- ) You're told to go
find Mia right away, so head out and take a rest at the inn. Hey, Mia can wait
for you to regain health. Once you're done sleeping, head to the northwest
part of town, go up the stairs and then head south. Proceed to the church and
talk to the girl near the entrance inside the building. She'll say that Mia
had just gone back to the old people's home and you must have missed her. So,
go back to their home to find Mia curing the old man in bed. Suddenly there's
a flash at the lighthouse and Mia runs off. Before following her to the
lighthouse, let's get another Djinn! Go up the bridge in the north part of
town, and go to the stairs on the right. Right before going down the stairs,
go up and on the snow face the snowman there and move him to the left using
your Psynergy. Now, go across the bridge to the left, and head down until you
get to the first opening of ice. Here's the exact movement that you have to do
now: Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up and you'll
now find yourself in an ice cave. You'll automatically slide right up to the
Mars Djinn Fever, and without a battle you've obtained another Djinn! Head out
of the cave and to towards the graves in the town. Press A against the
northwest grave to find a Lucky Medal. Thanks to kent smith
emailprotected for that information. Now, head to the east part
of town and leave that way. Proceed the few steps to the large lighthouse on
the coast.

Mercury Lighthouse
Go up the stairs and talk to Mia. Once she's done talking, go up the ledge to
the right