Ever since the beginning of time, man has aspired to achieve god-like status. Adam was on of the earliest men to achieve this status; all he had to do was to dominate nature and to civilize his fellow man.

Literature also provides a cornucopia of men that go through these same processes to become god-like. One man that did become god-like was Odysseus. Adam was a man that led the Taker culture to dominate and civilize. Throughout Odysseus journey, he is given very many opportunities to dominate nature.

The blinding of Polythemus is a symbolic domination of nature. Odysseus dominated the sea by blinding the son of the sea god.Since gods were what controlled nature, destroying a god s son was a sign of domination. Odysseus proceeds along his journey and is given many more opportunities, but it was not until he reaches his homeland did he have the opportunity to civilize his fellow man. When Odysseus return to his home of Ithaca, he found his home ravaged with suitors. All these suitors had come to exploit his wealth.

Each suitor was probably as wealthy and as strong as Odysseus, so this made them equals. Odysseus avenges his wife by killing all the suitors, and at the same time he is civilizing his fellow man.By teaching them a lessons of his morals, he demonstrates his wrath to the suitors and others that hear about the incident. The Taker culture, from the book Ishmael, is also one that achieved god-like status, and has maintained that status. To this day, the Taker culture still dominates nature and is continuing to civilize man.

The Taker culture dominates nature by agriculture, temperature controls, predictions of weather, and the taming of her animals. The Taker culture has cultivated the land to produce whatever they please. They no longer need mother nature to provide for them.The Taker culture has studied the weather and can predict whether or not to turn on a heater or an air conditioner.

Dogs and cats are animals that once could hunt and survive on their own, but now they rely on the Taker culture for food and protection. The Takers have become their own nature. They have broken the bounds of nature to control her. The Takers have also civilized man.

They have taken him out of the jungle, wearing nothing, and hunting for food, and has thrown him into a cement jungle, wearing a suit, and making a living.They have predetermined what is right and what is wrong. They have decided what is justice and what is not. Men that are not like the Takers are barbarians with no future in the new age.

The Takers have learned how to belittle their fellow man, until they become like the Takers. The Takers are successful as gods. Although not all men will do such extreme deeds of dominating nature and civilizing his fellow man, all must, one way or another, be able to accomplish their own in order to achieve the coveted status of god.