According to what I’ve read, I believe that Bernini is a unique artist. There might have been a lot of existing great artists but Bernini is a very rare one. It’s very rare to know of a story that a young boy already knows how to carve stones. Maybe it’s really in their genes and he is really gifted by this talent. Through this, he has created a lot of masterpieces. I think that we should not only study about him but also recognize him and remember him as a good artist in the history of art. A lot of people may have witnessed his greatness in art and I think that they are lucky because for me, he is legendary. Artists in our generation today are getting better and better. I believe that this is all because of our known artists before. Bernini, in particular, is original. His works are all products of his incredible imagination. I think that if I would have a chance to live in the past; I would be a great artist because only a few are into this kind of thing. Still the top attraction is business and there are a lot of competitions. But in art, you can do whatever. In my point of view, it’s an expression and a result of creative mind. But now, artists are getting inspirations from the past works and incorporate their style to it. That doesn’t make any original at all. Bernini is one of a kind and I think he’s a great influence in various fields of art. I’ve noticed that he relates his life in his works which means through life experience, he’s inspired to make out of something. His emotions and creativity, blends well. In whatever artwork he might have finished, it’s always a main attraction. And because of his astounding works at a young age, Pope Paul V declared him as Michaelangelo of the century. It’s really a great honor to him to be exposed at an early age and can already submit amazing works. I think that Bernini is one of the artists that we should look up to. He’s style may not relate in our interests but he should be an inspiration to us. He’s gifted with the talent of painting, sculpture, architecture and so much more. Like what I said earlier, we should give recognition to him and introduce him to other artists too and also to everyone who can possibly see his artworks for them to be inspired and appreciate art more.