Friday It arrived on a Friday afternoon.

The idea probably originated somewhere over the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa. It slowly spun its way to the northwest, and the thought finally made landfall in Florida. From there it gained speed and zipped across the eastern seaboard, through South Carolina, over D.C. and up the New Jersey Turnpike.There the idea slowed again, and had been downgraded to a concept by the time it crossed the Hudson.

Once across the water it regained speed at the expense of power, and it flew like a sparrow, darting through cars and trucks and people, until it finally found me, stuck in traffic, and flew through my ear into my head. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. It was as close to perfection as I could imagine. History had always been my academic passion.

Ive sucked each and every history textbook dry of information and its not slaked my thirst. Ive sat down and read countless encyclopedia articles, books and websites, and Ive watched more hours of the History Channel than anyone Ive ever met. Ive come to admire the great men and movements in our history that have gotten our country to where it is today. Ive also thought about the men and movements that will carry it into the future, and I know that I want to have a hand in guiding the progress of our nation and world. My passion for history has only been matched by my love of mental competition.

I live for arguments, debates and discussions, and when history, its interpretation and the ensuing disagreement meet, I find my heaven on earth. I slam down on the clutch, shift into sixth gear and my mind races. I search my brain for examples and draw upon the knowledge that Ive amassed in my learning. The points and counterpoints come out hard and fast. I make my statement and discredit that of my opponent, I respond, I parry, I dodge.

I feel content, happy and fulfilled.It was the synthesis of these two ideas that found its way to me on that Friday afternoon, a profession that would combine my two passions: Campaign Management. My love for mental combat would be used to its fullest in matching wits with the opposing campaign staff, and my passion for history would be more than sated by my involvement in what I consider to be its most interesting aspect: its creation. Through campaign management, I would be indirectly shaping history. Many of my friends cringe when parents and teachers ask them where they want to go to school, where they stand in the class, what their board scores and GPA are.

People ask me the same questions, and I face them with confidence, because I know the answer to a larger question: I know where I want to be when Im done with college. Acceptance Essays.