Operating in Australia, Asia and pacific, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Fosters group markets and distribute an international portfolio of beer, wine, spirits, cider and non-alcohol brands.

In Australia, they operate a business producing and distributing Australia's leading Beer brands, such as Crown Lager, Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught, Cascade, Cougar, Strongbow and Black Douglas. ? Comment [FA2]: Include an Introduction.Since the 1880s Foster’s has led the charge from older style ales and porters to Australia’s current love with icy cold lager. Fosters has successfully nurtured itself as “Australian for beer” internationally in more than 150 countries, which reveals its position as the seventh largest and fastest growing beer brand in the world.

In a few short years Fosters has managed to gain status as one of the top ten international brewers at a time when the rest of the industry was just starting to strengthen (O’Hoy, 2006). ? Throughout the period of 2001-2005 the global market for beer exceeded by almost 3% CAGR.The growing importance of Fosters wine is adversely affecting the amount spent on marketing for the Beer SBU component. In 2006 less than 1% of Fosters total sales were spent on marketing support for its beers (GMID, 2007a). ? ? Decreasing Beer Focus Due to Fosters current strategy of becoming a multi-beverage operator, there has been a decrease toward the focus on its’ core beer business, as the company is placing increasingly more importance on its wine sector.

In effect decreasing and restricting funds for product development for Fosters beerHowever if the number of Pure Blondes is not increasing as much as we hoped for, or in fact they are decreasing we must immediately review which market sectors have responded to our 23 market promotions and which sectors haven’t and examine why they haven’t. If proven that our selection of market penetration coupled with defender strategy is not working, we might need to use a contingency plan of selecting one of the other marketing strategies. ? Where is conclusion?