Processing of food - grinding wheat and salt of pork Industrial Revolution- mid 1 sass, machines were powered manually Transportation systems were limited by roads built Expansion of native food Processing Industry- flour milling and brewery Now have harvested technology- stored for longer Gene manipulation for plants Technology possible to: Preserve food - stored Maintain constant food supply Eat foods that are out of season Eats foods from other parts of the world Produce foods with little resemblance to the foods they were derived from Transform one raw food into numerous productsVariety of food into dally diets Food industry was large scale, highly technical machinery to mass produce foods Technological Change and Equipment: Ways food processing changed: Availability of electricity Plastics became acceptable WWW and WI required food to be mass produced and efficient Manufacturing methods to increase speed of production Technology in Marketplace: Food industry successful, supply consumers with food products acceptable ..

.? Means facilities designed; pull to protect foods from contamination. Technology has enabled development of storage systemLevels of oxygen - controlled in the storage environment Distribution networks essential to process foods- reach POS Transport: road, alarm sea Cost of transportation - Included In price of Item Famine- getting food over to famine areas need*** International marketplace exists countries to sell products bring money into economy Buy food from all over the world- in the supermarket Goods/Raw materials I. E. Strawberries Products are processed to increase selling price value added Countries sell value add products I. E.

Profit Purchase goods, less preparation sass Australians shopped in small stores I. . Bakery Food was fresh as storage conditions limited One brand name available for each item Store owners allow regular customers, keep store account Delivery boys employed to help customers Whole manner of shopping was slower PLAYBACK IN SYSTEM: Small shopkeepers couldn't afford Customers limited opportunity to purchase sale items Foods weighed on scales Shopping trips to store ass's supermarkets began to appear Larger supermarkets can display more Modern technology prevalent in marketplace ass's- hour of trade = longer