Flaws In Education Over the years, the educational system in America has improved immensely. Students have evolved from learning the basics of the English language, to having the option to learn another foreign tongue. Also, a greater variety of studies are now available for students learning enjoyment and educational enrichment.

Schools across the country all have some kind of curriculum, which is said to offer students, no matter age, race, gender or religion, an equally wholesome education. Despite these developments, there are still major flaws in the education system across the United States.Issues like inadequate teaching staff, lack of materials, limited education, and unequal education face our education system today. The first step in the education system for most people is pre-school. Basically this is where children first learn to interact with other students when they are away from their parents.

Here is where children are taught the very basics of education. Colors, shapes, numbers and other basic information are the elements most often learned in pre-school. This is a childs first educational learning experience. A child will then go on to kidergarden upon completion of pre-school.Here, the curriculum is more advanced.

The children will learn the basics of reading, writing, and spelling, among other factors of basic education. Most kindergarderners are on a full day schedule now. This for most children, is the first time they are away from home all day. Elementary school comes next in a childs ladder of education. From first to fifth grade, a child learns the most useful information they will need in life.

Reading, writing, mathematics and English are stressed to all students.This information is necessary for life. During middle school, the tools are refined and polished, and then it is off to high school. This is where the tools are applied, and a more specialized kind of learning takes place. Throughout high school, students are told that they are preparing for college.

The only thing that involves college in high school is the fact that you have to do well to get into the college of your choice.What I noticed about high school is that it is just busy work. Classes such as media and broadcasting, cinematography, English horror, and performing arts are just offered to fill a time schedule and give students more interaction with fellow classmates. However, nothing can really prepare a person for college.

College is a totally different type of learning experience. College: an institution of higher education that grants degrees in specialized areas of study. A school offering specialized instruction in some profession or occupation.This is where a student obtains the necessary material relating to future carrier plans. In most cases, this is the final step in the formal learning process. There are many problems in the educational system today.

For example, inadequate teaching staff is a huge problem. There are many teachers who simply should not be in the profession they are in.It is obvious that they do not like children, and even more obvious that they do not like their jobs. At my high school we had many of these teachers. Everyone knew who he or she was because the whole school talked about how terrible they were. Basically they are all the same.

In class they introduce a topic, without any other information they give an assignment, never check to see if it is completed, and then test you on the information.It was entirely up to the students to teach themselves the material. Then there were the teachers who were always having bad days. No one wanted to speak with them because they were rude and unhelpful.

It was obvious to everyone that these teachers were unsympathetic and did not enjoy their jobs. Students often receive unsatisfactory grades in these classes, which causes problems in the long run.If a person wants to become a teacher they should love, or at least like working with youth, and want to help them, not make them suffer. Schools are also suffering because of the recent outbreak of violence in schools. Many students are attending school in constant fear of something happening to them.

Schools are supposed to be a safe haven for children, and for the most part are exactly opposite. In many schools across the country, children are bringing weapons, drugs, and other illegal matter into the classroom.This is going unnoticed by authority figures in school. How can this problem be solved? Why are children doing this? And why is nothing being done to help? One reason why this may happen is because teachers are too impersonal with the students. It is understandable that at the high school level, students wish not to share information about their personal life with their teachers, however the teachers should realize if a student had a problem, and try to get them help. Also, if a student respects a teacher, they may feel as though they do not need to have those sorts of things in the classroom.

There is very little communication between students and teachers, which makes the classroom quite uneasy.Another flaw is the lack of necessary resources in schools today. In many classes, text books are outdated and in poor condition. The text offers necessary information, but is often limited because of the copyright date on the book. Often times, students will have to share books because there are not enough new books, or too many old ones have fallen apart. There really are not many activities which take place in the classroom anymore either.

Things such as games, papers, writing utensils, and even learning tools are missing from classrooms everywhere.Even in art rooms where supplies are supposed to be bountiful, there is a shortage. Because schools do not purchase these materials, students are suffering by not being able to have unique learning experiences. Textbooks are very expensive.

It should be a students responsibility to take good care of his or her own textbooks. Most students do not have to purchase their textbooks as college students do. If the text had to be purchased by the student, they may take better care of the books. Another reason why textbooks may be old is because the material in them does not need to be updated.

A subject like math does not change often, therefore the material really never is outdated. In the school districts around central New York, there are ten new computers in every elementary school classroom. This gives children the option to get used to using computers at an early age. In the middle schools, there is an average of five computers per classroom, and in the high schools there are none.

This system is very pointless. Yes, it ...