What is the purpose of P. P. A. C. A? The purpose of P. P. A. C. A is to supply affordable coverage to a larger number of individuals (Kroger, Burrus 2011-2012) to reduce the premium costs for millions of working families and small businesses. Also reduce what families will have to pay for health care and give Americans new affordable choices of private insurance plans. The purpose for Affordable Care Act is to make health insurance available to most uninsured low and middle income individuals (ObamaCare Summary). What issues in the U. S. health care system were the laws intended to address? How did those issues develop historically?

Issues that the health care system law intended to address is saving money for the consumers on health insurance premiums, it also addresses many tax credits for small businesses and individuals. * Providing coverage to Americans with pre existing conditions * Protecting your choice of doctors * Ending lifetime limits on coverage * Restricting annual dollar limits on coverage * Removing insurance company barriers to emergency services * Covering preventive Care at no cost to you These issues developed historically from the early history health was dominated by physicians and the hospitals.

Physicians had a relationship with their patients to where they had the ability to pay and collect their own bills. In 1934 American Medical Association (AMA) published this statement “No third party must be permitted to come between the patient and his physician in any medical matter (Number 1979) (Sultz, Young 2011). In the 19th century Americans used insurance through their employer that was designed to make up for lost income during sickness. The federal government’s coverage of health care for special populations played a prominent role. Over the years , the U. S. overnment develop , revised and otherwise adjusted a host of categorical or disease specific programs designed to address needs not otherwise met by state or local administrations or private sector(Sultz, Young 2011). Kennedy administration in 1961 grew from $7 billion to $24 billion for grants in aid programs excluding social security and Medicare. Federal, state government and Medicare legislation made several misjudgments they were underwriting the skyrocketing costs and underestimated the growing number of older adults in the U. S. What are some of the key features of the P. P. A. C. A? How will the law reshape the U.

S. health care system? Key features of the P. P. A. C. A is rights and protection that has a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) which is a short plan language that makes it easy for consumers to know what they are buying when shopping for insurance. Another key feature is Consumer Assistance Program offers hands on assistance to more people who will allow you to file complaints, enroll in health coverage and get educated about your rights and responsibilities. More Key Features: Insurance choices a variety of alternatives to the individual private insurance market: * Pre existing condition plan Young adult coverage * Affordable insurance exchanges * Co- op insurance plans Insurance costs provides you with new ways to hold insurance companies accountable and keep your costs down (Healthcare. gov) * Value for your premium dollar * Lifetime and annual limits * Flexible spending account changes * Rate review 65 or older offends eligible seniors a range of preventative services with no cost sharing and discounts on drugs. * Medicare preventative services * Medicare drug discounts * $250 “donut hole” rebate (2010) * Strengthening Medicare

Employers; tax credits and new programs are now available to small businesses. * Small employer tax credits * Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP) The law will reshape the U. S. health care system by starting a financial incentive for physicians , hospitals and health care providers also will stop insurance companies from dropping you when you’re sick also reduces growth in healthcare spending. This new law gives women the same rates as men and gives seniors access to cheaper drugs. What is your opinion about the P. P. A. C. A overall? How did you develop that opinion? My opinion about the P. P. A. C.

A is that I think that is a good start in trying to get our country out of debt we are so quick to criticize the money that is being spent on healthcare that we didn’t realize that before this bill came out we was $2 trillion in debt. I think that the new law is helping many all Americans instead of just a certain category of people. Many elderly people are now able to afford to pay for their medication and get insurance even though they have a sickness. I developed my opinion by reading the bill myself to understand what the key features are and how the law will help many Americans obtain healthcare with low cost, and quality for everyone.

Which features of the P. P. A. C. A do you think will have the biggest effect on our health care system? I think that the pre existing condition plan will have a big effect on the health care system because many insurance companies have already been collecting money for the insurance plan that they thought was best for their customer the law states that the insurance company cannot drop them because they have become very sick to where their insurance won’t cover it.