The most recognized and famous graphic designers and Illustrators are from the US and different countries from Europe, but what about the graphic designers from the Philippines.

Kate Morons a famous British artist, and Wham Abaca a Philippine artist who Is not so famous. Two artists that are very good designers and both use pop art and contemporary. Also both work with an explosion of colors. Just looking at their work, you can see the free mind that both have. But Just because Kate Is fromEngland and Wham Is from the Philippines, do not have the same popularity.

All around the world you can find people who have an Incredible talent, you do not have to go to England to find good graphic designers. The two illustrators, we just mention, their style is like pop art, with a lot of color and a lot of shapes. Kate Morons use words, with funny letters that make a massage. Wham Abaca, also give us a massage like every artist do, but he just work with images and some time a couple of words. The big difference between this to great artist, are that Skate's work is softer and Wham is most grotesque.Even with this big different, both are good designers that make their ideas flow in their works and looks garish.

Skate's and Wham's designs blow up with colors. Kate uses more colors that Wham, she almost use the entire color palette in Just one design and it not looks heavy. But even if Wham is working Just with specific color, all their work is colorful and looks bright. Both make the people turn to see their work, because the bright colors attract their attention.

It is difficult to make a good design with a lot of colors, because you have to choose the right tone and make a good contrast when you put them together.Kate and Wham have made a very good Job with that. As you can see in the pictures, both artists try to give massages using their own style and giving life to whatever they want to transmit. Kate gave us very clear what she wants to said, because she uses words, and the words are easy to read. Wham's works Is more like "one picture tells us more than a thousand words", because he do not use a lot of words, sometime non.

But some of Skate's designs the words are difficult to read and the Wham's pictures are difficult to make a clear message.Even o both reflect their free mind and creatively very well, but not all the people can make a clear message from their creations. As we could saw, designs from a Philippine It Is as well from designs from someone of England. Wham has a unique style, kind pop art, but he put his own touch.

He knows how to combine the colors and make them look very attractive, making his wants to give a message, which reflects his thinking. Even if it is look a little bit strange and scary. The world is a place full of persons with great talents that can be found even in places that are not so common like the Philippines.