Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent |Area of Development |How it is interdependent | |PSED – This area ensures children make positive relationships |Communication and language for e. g. aking relationships as often| |with other children and that children have awareness of their |communication can be the foundation of building relationships | |body and have self-confidence, children will also be able to | | |manage their feelings and their behaviour. | |Physical Development- moving and handling, Health and self-care, |PSED- need self confidence to join in physical activity with | |understand how important Physical development is. |friends. | | |Self confidence for self care | | |Positive relationships with someone to teach self-care. |Communication and Language |PSED- may not have confidence to speak | |Listening and attention |Literacy-may not be able to read something out to speak | |Understanding | | |Speaking | | |Literacy |Physical Development If the child doesn’t have fine motor skills | |Reading |then they will struggle to hold a pencil to write their name | |Writing |Communication- Have trouble reading out loud | | |PSED – no confidence to read aloud, don’t have anyone to read | | |with so it’s hard to make progress. | |Mathematics |Literacy- Cant read, won’t understand numbers. |Numbers, Shape, space and measure |PSED- Counting together- self-confidence can’t play games won’t | | |be able to communicate properly. | |Understanding of the world |PSED- Begins to have their own friends- needs this to progress | |People and communities |knowledge | |The world |E. A. D Need pretend play to imitate every day actions | |Technology |P.

D-need fine motor skills to make noises and explore the | | |environment | |Expressive arts and Design |PD- If you don’t have fine motor skills then you can’t develop | |Exploring Media and materials |your drawing skills e. g. can’t hold a pencil | |Being Imaginative |Communication – not understanding colours for example literacy | | |will be difficult to use media. | | |U. O. T. W, Can’t be imaginative as nothing to base it on. |