The highly anticipated and much celebrated release of the newest and perhaps hippest cellular phone on the market has spurred a number of discussions on the applicability of these devices to other forums.  An important change which has revolutionized not only the way people interact and do business with one another but also the way relationships are formed in this world is the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell could never have imagined that phones today allow people to surf the internet and also watch movies.  The telephone has become such an integral part of the everyday lives of people.  This role is even expected to only become more and more important as the next generation of cellular phones will allow users to watch videos and talk to each other onscreen. This short discourse will therefore discuss the different marketing strategies for mobile phone providers.  This includes the features that are offered in the market for current cellular phones such as the WAP access and even the video or camera quality.  As shown in other pertinent marketing studies that will be discussed in this discourse, there are also other important considerations that consumers take into their decision making process with regard to the purchase of a mobile phone unit.  Using projective techniques and perceptual mapping techniques, this study will attempt to show which of these new features and marketing strategies have the greatest impact on the mobile phone industry.