Now more than ever, students are choosing community colleges over universities. And it is one of the smartest choices a student can make. I chose Jefferson Davis Community College because I know that it is for the best, that it will help me in my education pursuits. Not only is Jefferson Davis affordable, but it is also proven that the smaller class sizes leads to better grades, and the flexibility is great too. With the economic downfall, times are getting harder and harder. My parents have worked their whole lives so that my siblings and I could go to college, and going to a university just isn’t the smartest thing to do.

Attending Jefferson Davis would not only help save a ton of money, but would also keep students from going into a huge debt. At major universities a lecture may have 300 or even more students, while going to Jefferson Davis would average about 30 students per class. As a student, I would like my professor to have the time to help me when I do not understand something. I want to attend a school where the teachers have time for all students, not just whoever could get to them fastest. During this economic crisis, I would like to share the burden with my family by helping out in our family restaurant.

To have both school and work, I would need to attend a college that can provide me with a flexible schedule, which is something I cannot get easily from a university. With Jefferson Davis being so close to home, I could work before or after class every day, fitting my needs. In conclusion, Jefferson Davis Community College is best for me. I save a ton of money, get a great education from great teachers that have the time for me, and get to make a schedule that is flexible. Choosing Jefferson Davis is one of the smartest choices I could make.