It was no coincidence that I met a very wise person in my life.

Now this person I found was always there for me! Wherever I went I knew they were in my heart to help me out, just to make things clear I'm not talking about God (even tough he is very wise and trustworthy) I'm talking about my family, the ones that have raised me since I was small and helped me through my life to get where I am today! They were the ones I knew I could count on to help me, but in the beginning I took them for granted and just there to live with and feed me, I never thought they would help me the was have!
Well I was just sitting down with my dad and having a conversation about life, which soon ended up as an argument and the meanie that he is, I got grounded and had to do community project work for 4 whole months(BORING!!!). Now you see my dad is a very strict and did anything for his community and was always a few centuries behind, but he was the one that got me to find the real me! Well on the first day of my community service' I had to clean up the beach, which I found EXTREMLY boring!
On the second day I did the same thing and did the same thing for 3 whole months. But on the fourth month I was told I was going to a work at an AIDS Children Orphanage, it sounded better than the beach so I went there.
As soon as I walked in I could here all the children screaming with joy as another person came in to play to feed to teach them! These children looked as if they had no worry in the world, they didn't know they were very sick they just knew they wanted to learn and play with people so much, some of the didn't know what it was like to have a mother, a farther, but they seen to live just as well, but they needed that extra bit of love that your parents give.

I found out that day how blessed I was to have a loving family always there to back me up, before I took them for granted I thought they were a waist of time I could live without them, which is true I could look at those children, but I realised that my family gives me that sense of security and of hope. They are always there for encouragement and support, which everyone needs, those children need it!
I came back to those children everyday and saw them grow up.I saw some go home but with every 1 that went home 5 more came!
I held millions of fundraisers and eventually got enough money to make a clinic, a new orphanage and a home for those mothers who are sick and pregnant to have there babies and keep them in this huge house I bought.
I did this ALL just because I new everyone needs a family to love and support them like my family have done for me, they have been there whenever I needed them. And I hope that when I have children I can do what my parents have done for me!
So as I am writing this I am hoping that I have some what changed your mind and that you may go out an find someone you can help and do what I have done, it doesn't have to be as big as what I've done I just hope that you could even give someone on the road R1 or less just to help them out, they aren't as fortunate as us and need your help to get somewhere in there life.I know that some of them aren't as good as others but we have to take that risk to help those who are good!