1. Question: What did they gain in World War II? A. Veterans: Veterans were given a bill called the GI Bill of Rights, which guaranteed returning veterans a year’s worth of unemployment compensation and medical coverage. This GI Bill also offered low-interest loans for buying a home or starting a business. Most importantly, the GI Bill paid for veterans’ job training and education. B.

Women: After their husbands returned home from the war, many women had children. After having children, they had houses built and started families. C. African Americans: African American Veterans knew they were returning home to discrimination, but that didn’t stop many from entering the mainstream of music and sports. As the decades went on, African Americans gained the rights they deserved.

2. Question: What challenges did they face at the end of the war? Veterans: Many veterans were out of a job after the war. Veterans struggled to give their families the necessities they needed. Women: Women faced not working as a struggle. After the war women went back to being treated as house mothers. African Americans: African Americans have always faced discrimination, so it was no surprise that they did even after the war.

They were treated the same even after they fought for the same country that the white men did.3. Question: What progress did they make in the postwar period? Veterans: Veterans began to work again. As they worked, they became normal Americans again. Women: Women began working along with men and they found their places in society. They were no longer just house moms, they had a place.

African Americans: African Americans began to be involved in sports. As people realized they were just like white people with dark skin, they became more welcomed in society.4. Question: What struggles might this group have in the decades to come? Veterans: Veterans struggled with war memories. They also had to live without the friends they lost in the war.

Women: Women had to fight to be someone in society. They had to fight to work. African Americans: African Americans had to fight against discrimination. They had to fight to become someone existing.