Will challenge me to push myself in positive ways outside of my comfort zone, since I usually sit back and wait for others to take charge or tell me what I need to do. Academic confidence/success I did poorly in school at Oregon and since then I have felt inadequate. If I can push myself to do well in school I believe I will gain that confidence back. Personal confidence For a lot of my life I have felt introverted and quiet. I don’t like attention called onto me.

Taking time off after Oregon helped me to realize that much of that wasn’t because I was a shy person- it was because I was holding myself back from who I want to be due to a lack of personal self-confidence. This semester I have chosen to take a vocal class in which I will have to perform in front of other- a thought that quite frightens me actually. But singing is something that I like to do when I am alone, so I thought maybe singing in front of other would be a good challenge for me and help me to gain that confidence.

The value I place on being successful in college is 9. My expectation of being a success in college is probably a 7 right now. Multiplied together, this gives me an achievement motivation score of 63. I want to be successful because I feel college is really the only significant next step towards bringing me to where I want to be. Unfortunately I rated my expectation of success so low because I lack the self-confidence to feel like I will be able to make it happen.

I’ve failed so many times in the past and I fear that I will only let myself and others down again. I understand this is probably a victim mindset, and I truly want to change that. I have been taking baby steps towards my goals and I can feel a slight change in my attitude already. If you had asked me to rate my expectation of success a few months ago I would have rated it much lower.

Since being diagnosed with ADHD I have actively sought out a psychiatrist with whom I meet monthly. I have begun to take medication to help me better focus on my studies, and I have gone to workshops on the weekends to learn about how to learn differently and more effectively with ADHD. I’m still working towards success, and I feel like my self-confidence will become much higher when I see just how much my efforts have paid off academically.