Taking care of the human body and soul and maintaining a healthy lifestyle leads to having a healthy temple physically, mentally, emotionally, environmentally, spiritually, and socially. Physical and environmental health is vital for healthy living. Routine physical exercise and healthy eating is essential to having good health. Exercise increases the metabolism, rids the body of harmful toxins, and is important to keep the human body in good shape. A healthy lifestyle can increase one’s chances of living longer, it can decrease the changes of becoming depressed, it can make one feel better about their self as well.

A healthy lifestyle can help reduce many diseases we face in our lives. Diabetes, for example is one of the many diseases people face in our society. Not maintaining a healthy lifestyle physically can cause high blood pressure, heart disease high blood cholesterol and may even cause one to have a stroke. Making up a chart of days to exercise along with a healthy diet and sticking with that chart can prevent our bodies from developing such diseases later in life.

A lot of people believe that just because that they are young means that they can eat unhealthy and not exercise and later on in life they can start trying to eat healthy and exercising then they will be okay. That is not true. It can actually put a person’s body more at risk to having diabetes, heart disease or any other terrible disease. Physical activity and nutrition are partners when it comes to sustaining better health. Being active increases the amount of calories burned. As people age their metabolism slows, so maintaining energy balance requires moving more and eating less.

To help a person to get in the routine of exercising can be challenging but with the help of the environment, it will not be that difficult. Going on nature walks or walks throughout the community just to pick up trash and clean up the neighborhood is not only improving our health physically but it is also improving our health environmentally. The air that we breathe on a daily basis is full of pollution but when we clean up outdoors, recycle and take care of nature, we are making the environment a better place to live in.

Statistics state that only one in three children are physically active every day. That is not many at all. More children are starting to be affected with obesity and diabetes because of little or no exercise and not eating healthy foods at home. Also, too much unhealthy fast food is not good for anyone. Statistics also state that in 2010, research found adults in Alaska (72. 5%), Montana (72. 4%), Utah (71. 8%), and Vermont (73. 3%) were more likely to be physically active than any other state.

Tennessee (51. 8%), Louisiana (56. 0%), Mississippi (57. 2%), and Kentucky (57. 9%) were the least active states in the nation. The national average is only 64. 5% (www. fitness. gov , 2010). Mental and Spiritual health are essential for healthy living as well. A person’s spiritual religion and back ground are very important when dealing with mental and spiritual health because they base one’s mind set and frame of thought throughout the day. Meditation and Prayer comes along with having a healthy mental and spiritual health. Some people do not meditate and pray because they feel that they do not pray and meditate the way that other people do.

Mental health is related with higher output, better presentation, more regular work appearance, and fewer workplace mishaps. It is important that people allow themselves time to prepare for the work place mentally. Not being mentally ready for a workplace or any place of that matter, can cause a mental breakdown. Praying or meditating can help in these situations. Not everyone prays and meditate the same. Some people sit in a quiet room and pray and meditate to themselves while other pray and meditate with a group of people. Some people even go on nature walks for their time of prayer and meditation.

A person has to figure out the best way that fits you. Not being healthy mentally and spiritually is not good at all. Not being healthy mentally and spiritually can cause mental breakdowns, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, psychotic disorders and even suicide. It is very important that everyone is healthy mentally and spiritually, including children. In today’s society, children and youth are dealing with a tremendous amount of peer pressure and if they are not healthy mentally and physically, it could cause the child to break down. Teen suicide percentage is high because of mental breakdowns.

Mental and Spiritual health coincide with each other because they both deal with the frame of mind that we are in on a daily basis. A good routine could be to pray and meditate as soon as you wake up each morning. Mental health is a part of having an active mind. Being creative or having a sense of humor is signs of being healthy mentally. Also, being a positive thinker and having a positive behavior are also signs of being healthy mentally. When a person feels that they have connected with themselves spiritually and emotionally then one is at ease with him or self.

It is important that one nourishing its spiritual self. That’s just as important as the main necessities in life. Spiritual Health is vital when one is sick or not in the best mood. A person or a doctor may find it impossible to cure one’s body but being in cope with one’s spiritual self can make the hurt feel better. Being healthy spiritually can also a person to be able to deal with negative things much easier. Organized religions help many people develop spiritual health. Many people find their meaning and purpose for life through their spiritual health.

Finding yourself spiritual can be done through nature, art, reading inspirational stories and journaling and expressing feelings. It is vital that everyone can find their inner spiritual side. Spiritual does not necessarily have to mean religion. Every human body has a spirit and it is up to each person to be able to find themselves spiritually. Some may not believe in God but still find themselves spiritually. Some people may find spiritual fulfillment in religion, but it is only one of many ways. Religion and spirituality are not one in the same.

Spiritual joining is about one finding the purpose of their life, learning who you truthfully are finding some connection with the foundations that offer you inner strength, peace, hope, and strength. Emotional and Social health are significant for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining emotional health requires monitoring and exploring your thoughts and feelings and identifying levels to emotional wellbeing. Finding help to emotional problems is very important. It is not healthy to try to ignore emotional problems.

Usually when people try to ignore emotional problems, eventually they break down into an emotional depression. People who uphold close friendships and find other ways to network socially live longer than those who become secluded. Relationships and social interactions even help protect against illness by boosting one’s immune system. The help of a therapist is necessary if that takes place. Being healthy mentally and socially can better one’s self-confidence and cause our self-esteem to become higher. Good social health develops when we have loving and supportive people in one’s life.

Learning good communication skills is very important when it comes to good social health. Social health requires a person to contribute to his or her community in a positive way. Visiting the elderly at nursing homes, visiting the sick in hospitals, going to your neighbor’s home just to check on them, checking on church members and even visiting the schools to check on students will enhance your social health. The main key to social health is being a very positive person. Being the peacemaker in stressful situations or being able to cope with stress can prove that a person is living with a positive frame of mind.

Being able to adapt to change can also help one’s social health. Sometimes change is for the better of one’s health. Specific health welfares of social doings in the older generation include: Lessening risk for heart problems, cancers, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Statistics show that 18 to 24 year olds are at a high level of social media and new forms of communication, such as cellphones, online chatting, and cyber dating, which makes it important for health care experts take a part in the events of when are where this is happening.

Social health is not for one certain age group. It is healthy for everyone to socialize. The six components of health makes one’s life what it is on a daily basis. People the control of whether or not they will live it in a healthy way. A healthy temple makes a healthy person. Living one’s life in a healthy way physically, mentally, emotionally, environmentally, spiritually and socially is the way to live.