Life is a great debate. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we drift off to sleep again that night, we debate. Sometimes we argue simple issues, what color should we paint the bedroom? Sometimes we debate bigger, more important issues, who should be the next president? When we debate, we take our own thoughts and ideas, and use logic and experience to make others think or believe what we believe or think ourselves. The fact is that whether we are arguing a point or persuading another’s views, debating is a skill that is used commonly in the course of our lives.

Unfortunately, many people do not have this important talent to communicate ideas, beliefs, opinions, or view points, but it is a skill that all people should master and maintain. More often than many people might realize, debating is typically a part of our everyday lives. Generally, no matter whom we might interact with, at some point we take a position on a given topic and when opposed, we are forced to argue that position. At school, at work, at home, or anywhere that we might converse with another human being, we are constantly forced to explain our own views to debunk the contrasting opinions of others through debate.

When a person has this skill, that person is able to effectively communicate with the people around them. In a fast paced world, the need to successfully communicate with those around us is critical. How often do we hear of misunderstood students shooting up schools, or of a disagreement escalating into a full blown rampage? It happens daily, and while not completely to blame, the lack of the ability to debate definitely has a lot to do with it. Imagine two neighbors discussing the location of a property line.

One of the neighbors believes it is in a certain location, the other believes it is somewhere else. Should the two debate the issue by using common sense, logic, and evidence, perhaps the dispute could be solved easily. However, imagine that the two neighbors are lacking the ability to debate, and rather than talking it out, they become angry and a fight ensues. Possibly someone gets hurt, or maybe it ends with a hateful exchange of looks, but how much simpler would it have been to work it out peacefully with words?

If we all could debate appropriately, imagine the violence and hatred that could be avoided over something as small as a mere disagreement. Why do we get so angry over a these small disagreements? We all feel the need to be heard. No matter the age, every person wants to have an opinion and to have others acknowledge it. Sometimes we simply lack the ability to express our opinions, but by learning the basics of debating, we might finally be able to fulfill the need to have a voice that is heard. Picture a two year old who thinks she should get a new toy at the store with her parents.

When her mother tells her she cannot have it, for lack of the ability to debate her own logic, she throws a temper tantrum, huffing and puffing through the store, even crying all the way to the check out aisle. Without the skill to debate, we are all reduced to experiencing the frustrations of this two year old girl. If we cannot effectively explain our own views, we get angry. Really, it is human nature. Since we have the need to express ourselves, if we cannot, it upsets us. While adults usually do not throw fits, cry to their bosses, or stomp out of the store, often we feel the same frustrations a child feels in a similar position.

If we all learn the importance of debating, and master the skills to debate, we could avoid the anger and frustration that comes along with ineffective communication. Finally, with debating skills, we could all become more productive people as a society. If we could all effectively communicate and persuade others, we would not spend so much time arguing our thoughts and opinions. Imagine the ease we would feel should we be able to sway the positions and views of others easily through debate.

Perhaps everyone might not be able to debate like a politician, but with even a small amount of debating skills, our lives would be much easier. Furthermore, with practice comes perfection. If all people put effort into mastering the skill of debating, before long we might be debating our way out of speeding tickets, debating our way to bigger pay increases at work, or debating with others to understand why any decision is better than another. We all want to be heard. Everyone wants to express themselves and to be correct about a given belief or idea.

Still, even without the proper skills, we all engage in some form of debate every single day, from simple decisions we debate with our families, to complicated issues we debate with co-workers, leaders, or other members of the public. Often when we do interact with others to resolve a dispute or conflict, we can become angry or worse, violent. Instead we should all learn how to effectively debate with the people around us to make our lives easier on a day to day basis. If life is really just one great debate, then all people should try to become great debaters.