Every year or season a slightly different flu strain awakens, infecting our human population. This fall it’s the whooping cough, also called pertussis.

It is causing many deaths, especially in infants. Many health officials have grown concerned with this unexpected new threat, mainly because the babies are too young to be fully immunized by the illness. It’s essential to understand how this virus is effecting our population and what procedures must be taken in order to prevent it from continuing to spread. The article Whooping Cough Mark Near, from the Fresno Bee, describes the conditions of this new occurring virus.According to the article, the number of highly contagious whooping cough cases reported in California is 4,017. In Fresno County, there have been 508 cases reported while last year during this same period only 22 cases were reported.

In the article Whooping Cough (Pertussis), it states that nationwide there are 250,000 cases per year and up to 9,000 deaths. This illness cycles about every five years, peaking in numerous infections. It is difficult to diagnose because symptoms are common to a cold, a persistent cough for weeks is the main indication of the whooping cough.In 1955, there was a record of 4,949 patients with the sickness in the state, but this year they plan on the number of infections exceeding to an even greater quantity. The main aspect, which distinguishes this illness from others, is based on the fact that it’s a continuous cough and the deaths are mostly occurring in infants.

This is due to their inability to be fully immunized, which is why caretakers or parents are being advised to get booster shots. Statewide 1. 8 million vaccines for the whooping cough will be given and continue to arrive in California.With this new sporadic flu activity occurring, health officials are encouraging anyone over 6 months of age to get the flu vaccine Trivalent. Many parents decline vaccines for their children because of their fears about autism. The vaccine for this illness is debated on whether it can cause autism; it contains additive thimerosol which is a preservative containing mercury.

Although a federal ruling stated that there’s no connection between autism and thimerosol, parents are still somewhat hesitant. It will protect against the whooping cough but also the H1N1 virus and two other strains of the virus.Children need five DTaP shots for maximum protection. The first three vaccinations are given at 2, 4, and 6 months of age.

The fourth vaccination is given between 15 and 18 months of age, and the fifth is given when a child enters school, at 4-6 years of age. This treatment is the way to protect your infants and children, insuring their immunity to Pertussis. (Whooping Cough Mark Near). Adults are still encouraged to receive a vaccine even though Pertussis is only causing serious harm to infants. The vaccine is called Td/Tdap, which both contains vaccines against pertisussis as well as diphtheria and tetanus (lockjaw).

Up until 2005, adults were not supposed to get the pertussis vaccine because of the high rate of negative effects. It’s recommended that children and adults receive one dose of Tdap. Especially if you’re a health-care worker, you should receive this vaccine immediately. (Whooping Cough (Pertussis). The whooping cough is an infection in the respiratory system caused by the bacteria Bordetella Pertussis.

This disease is associated with malaise, fever, and coughing. The intensity can increase around a 10-day period, meaning it can become serious very quickly.The bacterium that causes this infection is cultivated with rich media supplemented with blood; it colonizes the cilia of the mammalian respiratory epithelium. Meaning, it’s can be grown in anything containing salts or an amino acid energy source. Each protein contains a unique linear sequence of amino acids, which is used to produce ATP. Referring back to Professor Zephorman lecture, chemical energy is released by the breakdown of organic molecules during cellular respiration, used to generate molecules of ATP.

Therefore, any amino acids produced in cellular respiration can contain the bacteria Bordetella Pertussis.One of the symptoms of this illness is a fever, if it becomes too high it can cause proteins to unravel and loose its normal shape. This is called a denatured protein; which are related to many diseases. In order for a protein to function correctly, the structure has to be normal. “The primary structure of a protein- its sequence of amino acids- causes it to fold into its functional shape.

” (Simon, Reece, Dickey, page 48). In other words, if the amino acids aren’t functioning correctly, the proteins can become misfolded. The disease is named for the distinguishing sound produced when those who are affected attempt to breathe in.The whoop was created because of the inflammation of the laryngeal structures that vibrate when there’s a quick inflow of air.

This illness is affecting many individuals and as the years continue to pass it’s only getting worse. The sad part is; it’s mostly present in infants. More are dying because of the whooping cough; they aren’t getting a chance to experience life. It’s extremely important for parents to make sure their children receive the vaccine before it’s too late.

The future is unpredictable; this illness can end up causing a new virus next year, which is why every individual should receive the vaccine recommended.If a new strain of a virus occurs, it can possibly have worse side effects or be more common. In conclusion, the Whooping Cough has proven to be highly contagious for infants, with 508 cases reported in Fresno County so far. With this virus continuing to spread, it’s extremely important for us to remain aware of the effects.

This is why it’s critical to get vaccinated, especially if you have an infant or child. It could stop death in infants and prevent future cases. Colonization of tracheal epithelial cells by Bordetella pertussis