God made everything around us from 1st to 6th day including men and women, and then He rested on the 7th day for Him to prepare for His most work of art, the teacher. He puts all the good character in this creation; they say it is the mother of all Profession that’s why it must be good, very good. Teachers must be flexible, they need to get up to bed as early as they could for them to prepare their lesson for today, not to mention that they are up late in the evening to check test papers and quizzes.

They teaches students during class hour and attend meeting in the afternoon before going home but in between this hour they also needs to comply some school reports. Teachers are tough but gentle too, they need to be firm to what they say so that the students will believe in their rules, but considerate in all times. They get mad at times when their students are not paying attention but easily wash that anger for they love their students so much. Teachers are patient, they are patient to their students when they don’t get the lesson right away, they repeat and repeat and repeat their lessons until all or most of the students understand it.

They are patient to the parents, who frequently doing obvious excuses why they don’t go to schools when they are being called. They are patient to their co-teachers, who add up spices to their daily work. They are patiently waiting for their salary even if at times it is delayed. Teachers are complainant but obedient as well, they complain much on the system but they follow rules, they complain when they get rush reports but they do it right away, they say they hate teaching but they go to school every day and prepare lessons as well.

Lastly, Teachers are hopeful, they hope for the betterment of their students that they will stop their wrong doing and they will realize what you say to them is for their own good. That somehow they will value their education more. They are hopeful for their school and to the curriculum, that every child must experience good education. When God finished creating a teacher he smiled because he knows that the future is in the hands of the teacher. That’s why it is called the mother of all Profession. Thank God He created me as a teacher.