Carol Ann Duffy wrote the poem Valentine to express her feelings on love. She described how an onion is a much better gift then a cute card or a kissogram. Here I am trying to explain why she thinks onion is a better gift.

To send a cute card to their lovers is just what everyone does when they can't be bothered to think of any thing else. It is so simple, and will never surprises the person who receives the gift. It's so much better, to give them some thing that is different, such as onion. Onion is a much better gift then just a cute card or a kissogram. It has much more meaning then just a simple card.Onion has got many things, which reflects how love works.

It's tells you every thing about love. Both the good things that can happen to you and the bad things that can happen to you. Carol Ann Duffy uses the metaphor: "A moon wrapped in brown paper" to describe the onion. The word moon is always related to romance and love. And that reflects how love can be really bright some times.

It will give you a good time, such as the "careful undressing of love". But it also means that it's hidden under a layer of some thing that it wouldn't shine, unless you take the trouble to discover it your self.If love is perfect, it'll only be a dream, it is never realistic. The writer uses another metaphor to describe the negative side of love. "It will blind you with tears". This is comparing the juice of onion, which makes people cry, to how love can some times bring unhappiness.

Love is like a game, it some times brings you fun, and some times it does not. It really depends on how well you play this 'game'. The writer made the poem more realistic by using personification. "Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips". This makes the poem easier to understand.

The smell of onion always stays on your lips for ages. It's just like how the kisses made by lovers will always be stored in their mind for ever. This time she used a simile. The "platinum loops" of onion relate to with the wedding rings. That shows how love can lead to marriage. And that is really when people have decided to spend the rest of their life together.

It is a really wonderful thing. But after all, it also warns you how love some times doesn't work well, and that it will lead you to break up the wonderful relationships that you've just had.She relates the ring to a knife, which eventually come the knife to break up the onion, to break up all the good things that the onion had reflected, and become the knife to break up your heart. She also used the word 'shrink'.

It is an unpleasant word, and it means that the ring will stay on your finger and will never be able to taken off again. That shows how once you have fall in love, it's really hard to get out of it. After all I think that onion is a much better gift then just a card or a kissogram. It reflects lots of things about love.

It tells the person how she thinks about love. And how she reacts towards love.