The motto of Rizal’s “To The Filipino Youth” is in complete conformity with the central idea of the composition.

At that time, our social and educational lives are controlled by the superiority of the Spaniards over the Filipinos. We cannot ignore the fact that the Spaniards instilled a lot of things in our minds, including the sense of being inferior to them, the greater ability of the foreigners to run a high government, and the fact that they are much smarter than the natives.With the theme, “Grow, O Timid Flower”, Rizal is encouraging the fair hope of the fatherland, which is the youth, the poets, singers, sculptors, painters, and natives to unfold their talents. He is persuading them to use their talents to the fullest, to soar to the clouds in their richest fantasies, to dissolve man’s sorrow through the sweetness of their songs, to press a soul in the rock or in marble, and to put the colourful scenes on the white canvasses.

It is very clear that what the poem is trying to express is that the Filipino Youths are the dear hope of our fatherland. There is a sense of nationalism in the poem. Through our skills, expertise, and knowledge, we are able to defend our beloved country from anyone who tries to tyrannize us. We are all responsible in maintaining our country as an independent nation not for the colonizers, but for the future generations of Filipinos.Rizal wrote this poem to empower the minds of every Filipino Youth. We are the future.

We are the country’s hope. He believes in us that’s why we should not fail him and make it to the reality. We should use our talents, skills, expertise, and knowledge not only for our own successes but also for the success of our fatherland. Above all, we should be thankful to Our Almighty God for his love and his blessings to us and to our dearly beloved country.