The Prince and the Pauper is the story of twin boys. One of them is to be the long-awaited male heir to the throne of England, Edward Tutor, son of Henry VIII. The poor boy is the unloved son of a beggar and thief.

It is discovered later, that the twins Tom Canty and Edward Tutor were born in London on the same day. Tom Canty’s life is a hard life in Offal Court, in Pudding Lane. He lives in one of England’s poorest neighborhood where he is forced by his father to beg and is beaten when he returns without money.He has a friend in Father Andrew who gives him a rest rom his poor life to tell the tales of the nobility as well as teaching Tom morality, how to read and write, as well as Latin. Tom treasures these tales and daydreams of a life of the nobility.

Tom’s daydreaming leads him out of the city of London and to Westminster where he sees Edward Tutor at play on the other side of a fence. Edward Tutor sees him as a soldier pulls him away from the fence. Edward demands that the soldier releases him and then invites Tom into the palace.They are both fascinated with the others life Tom by the luxury and cleanliness of the Prince’s world nd Edward with the Prince’s freedom. They realize how much they look alike and decide to change clothes.

The Prince discovers the bruise on Tom’s hand after he changes and runs out to reprimand the guard not realizing he is dressed like Tom. The guard seizes Edward Tutor thinking he is Tom not letting him through the gate again. Edward insists he is Edward Tutor the Prince of Wales only to be laughed at and chased back to London. Edward wanders through the street only to be picked up by Tom’s father, John Canty and is dragged off into Offal Court. Meanwhile, Tom is in the Prince’s Royal apartment.

Tom enjoys the luxury, at first until he thinks of what will happen to him he is found out. Order#31131207 Book Report Pg. 2 Lady Jane Gray talks to him and becomes very confused with the young Prince’s behavior and it is rumored that the young Prince is Mad. Tom tries to convince him, however no one believes him and realizes that he has indeed gone mad. Edward’s father Henry the VIII gives the command to put the Duke of Norfolk to death so that the Prince can be named the heir apparent with no opposition.

Henry the VIII demands no one speak of his command to kill the Duke as well as the Prince’s madness. He orders thePrince to speak no more of living in Offal Court and to begin to regain his mental health. He is left to Lord St. John and the Lord Hertford are assigned to be Tom’s companions to remind him what he is suppose to do. Tom’s first ceremony is dinner which he performs badly and is overlooked. Tom finds a book of etiquette for the English Court and learns how to cope in his surroundings.

Meanwhile in the story The Prince is in the clutches of John Canty. He is taken home and displayed as a mad child who believes himself to be The Prince of Wales. Edward, is then later beaten by John Canty for returning home empty-handed.John Canty is accused of killing a man while bringing his “Son” home. The pair leave, their home immediately and Tom manages to slip away from John Canty.

The Prince finds his way back to the palace, to Guildhall and declares himself to be the “Real” Prince. He is refused entry and is about the be beaten when Miles Hendon appears and protects him from the angry crowd. Meanwhile, a messenger brings the news to Tom Canty that Henry VIII is dead which elevates him from Prince to King and his first act is to free the Duke of Norfolk. Hendon takes the Prince to his home where they meet John Canty on the way.

John Canty takes hold of Edward thinking he is his son. Hendon sends him away Order#31131207 Book Report Pg. 3 and leaves with Tom. The Prince expects Hendon to serve and help him, which he does and he is later rewarded as the Prince’s knight. Hendon leaves in the morning in search of new clothes and returns finding the Prince gone, lured by another boy and a ruffian as they head toward SouthWark.

Hendon tries to follow, however loses his trail. In the palace Tom Canty is awakened and is dressed to hold court. He is not allowed any Longer to make any blunders in court. Tom utilizes his “Whipping boy” HumphreyMarlow to teach him the proper ways of the court.

The Prince is lured into a barn by vagabonds who tells him the tale of injustice at the hands of the law. The Prince here declares these injustices should be abolished and the vagabonds laugh. The Prince refuses to be a part of their any crime and later escapes. The Prince is awakened by two children; who believe his story about he being a Prince. The children take him to their mother who feeds him and sets him to do household chores. He sees Canty and the Hugo arriving and runs off again.

The Prince goes in the woods to find a Hermits hut where a truly madHermit lives. He believes Edward’s story of being a Prince and out of revenge ties him Up and is about to kill him when Hendon arrives. The hermit succeeds to lure Hendon away however, in his absence gives John Canty and Hugo an opportunity to escape with the Prince. Canty and Hugo force The Prince to join in their crimes, however the Prince refuses. Canty and Hugo steal and gives the item to The Prince who gets caught.

The Prince is sent to jail where he discovers the filthy, and horrible conditions of English law.Hendon is sentenced to twelve lashes when the Prince tries to assert imself. Hendon and the Prince are then released and they go to London. Meanwhile, Tom is learns how to be a Prince and is getting ready for his coronation. He rides through the town and sees his mother and denies knowing her. Tom later is immediately filled with remorse for denying his mother.

At the ceremony, the Archbishop is about to set the crown on Tom’s head when Edward arrives to forbid it. Tom wanting to return to his own life, and feeling remorse about his mother, affirms the boy’s claim. Several inconclusive tests are performed in order to determine the dentity of the twins until the location of the Great Seal of England is suggested.Tom prompts Edward Tutor who tells the court where the Seal is to found thus, identifying him as the true King of England. Miles arrives and is placed at his rightful place beside the kings throne as his knight.

The Book ends with Edward now armed with the knowledge of how his people are suffering under his cruel, unjust laws, Edward makes reparations to change these laws to help his people. Edward Tutor never forgets his adventure and reins as a good king who loves and helps his people because of it.