The Grouchy Ladybug, by Eric Carle is about a grouchy ladybug that did not want to share his meal consisting of aphids with the friendly bug, so he insists on fighting him.

When the friendly ladybug said he would fight him if he wanted he the grouchy ladybug replied by saying the other ladybug was not big enough. The grouchy ladybug then persevered and approached a yellow jacket, beetle, praying mantis, sparrow, lobster, skunk, snake, hyena, gorilla, rhino, elephant, and whale. With each animal he told them the same story that they were not big enough to fight.He ended up get flipped by the whales tale all the way back to the friendly ladybug and ended up sharing the aphids for dinner.

Throughout this story you witness quite a few virtues and values, such as respect, empathy, courage, perseverance, and forgiveness. In this book I believe the friendly ladybug empathized with the grouchy ladybug, and probably knew he would come back (moral knowing). Each animal respected each other by saying that if they ladybug insisted on wanting to fight they would, but by intimidating the grouchy ladybug by showing off their skills/abilities he would always find an excuse to get out of that situation.The grouchy ladybug (the protagonist) had to deal with the fact that we wanted the aphids all to himself and he was out to prove that he was intimidating enough to bully people around. Once he realized how exhausting it was trying to intimidate people all the time made and he was done with it.

By the end of the book he understood that if he just learned how to share and become a better ladybug he would not be so tired and hungry (moral feeling). It took courage for him to see the friendly ladybug again join her for diner. Tensions existed between the grouchy lady bug and each animal he seen when he asked them if they wanted to fight.They would agree since he insisted, but we would fly away indicating to them that they were not big enough and move onto the next larger animal. I read this book to my students during my language arts class.

They loved the pictures and they story. While reading the story we talked about the characteristics of each animal the grouchy lady bug visited. We also looked at the time of each of his visits and discussed what they kind of activities they do each day at those times. At the end of the book when the grouchy ladybug returned to the friendly ladybug the friendly ladybug said, “You must be hungry. There are still some aphids left.You can have them for dinner,” (Carle, 1977, p.

40). We discussed that the friendly ladybug showed forgiveness and did not hold a grudge towards the grouchy lady bug for wanting to fight him earlier (moral action). I also asked them what the grouchy ladybug should have done to begin with and they agreed that the he should have shared the aphid’s right from the start. The Grouchy Ladybug is a beloved book that has been enjoyed for decades.

It’s bright colors, great illustrations, and fun storyline makes it a great book to read to students. Carle, Eric. (1977). The Grouchy Ladybug.

HarperCollins Publishers.