Since I was a small kid I remember daydreaming about being a famous soccer player, a firefighter, a soldier, a world famous disk jockey, a super hero or even a ninja. As I grew older, my dreams and thoughts started focusing more on getting married, having my own family and live in a beautiful home.

I have never really spent time to think about the possible impact that my life would have if one day, just like magic, I would wake up as a woman, a female version of me.At the beginning that idea sounded crazy but as I started thinking more about the consequences, the society acceptance, the opportunities, the future, it surprised me. First of all and most important would be to find out what caused such a transformation and if it is possible to transform my body to the way it was. What if it was only a dream and there was no need to worry about anything? Assuming that it will not be possible to restore such transformation, I would have to learn to accept my new self, respect my new body, and adjust my thoughts just to mention a few suggestions.If I am going to be permanently trapped in this situation it would be best if I learn how to keep calm at all times and deal with this matter in an intelligent way rather than becoming anxious or obsessed.

Obviously there will be several physical changes which I will have to learn how to get used to and visit a specialized doctor to find out more about it. I would need psychological support in order to organize my thoughts and ideas, accept the new reality and avoid doing anything crazy with my new womanly state.How will I be seen by other people? I have a beautiful wife which I love with all my heart, and knowing her she will be supportive no matter what, but what if things do not work out as we thought? Our intimacy will never be the same and that, along with affection, play a very important role in a strong marriage. The illusion of having kids of our own will vanish and rely solely on adoption. What will be the impact in the lives of my family members and friends? I believe this big news will shock my entire family as well as everyone that knows me.Perhaps this could be a good opportunity to find out if I have real supportive friends or just acquaintances that may turn their backs on me.

Living in a small city, it is known that bad news travel faster than good ones. I wonder if at any place I will go, strangers will look at me and gossip or even make fun about my unfortunate situation. My career in the military will be jeopardized since I belong to a men only infantry unit and such news could even get me in legal trouble. I believe with my new transformation there will be plenty of new challenges and discoveries for me.Learn how a woman’s body behaves and what proper steps will I need to take care of it.

Learn personal hygiene and the products that I will need. Discover if after my body’s transformation I still have the strength and abilities of a man or not. What am I going to wear? I will need support from my wife, and other female friends to guide me on how to choose the right products to feel and look more presentable towards society in general. Learn to shop for clothing and accessories to replace all my men’s clothing.

Last but not least, “learn how to walk on heels! ”After thinking and slowly analyzing about some of the consequences of waking up as the opposite sex, I learned more on how some people could be facing similar challenges in real life every single day. I believe that every single person in this world has the right to freedom and to pursuit happiness, and we as a society should learn to open our minds and think outside the box. We need to learn to accept ourselves, the people around us, and respect every single individual for who they are and not for their sexual orientation or preference. What would you do if tomorrow you wake up as the opposite sex? Think about it for a moment.