Do people ever like to be lonely? Depressed? Feeling like no one cares or likes them? According to www.

dascot. org one out of every four people struggle with depression. Not having friends can cause and lead to depression. All human beings are disconnected and they need to work at relating to others.

Jim Stark from “Rebel Without a Cause” and Holden Caulfield from the The Catcher in the Rye are teenagers who struggle with connecting themselves to human beings. Jim Stark and Holden Caulfield are two teenagers who struggle with relating to other human beings. Jim is a teenager who gets in trouble many times.In the beginning of the movie, he is drunk and is sent to the police station. Jim’s family moves quite a lot which leads to Jim having no one to talk to. He tries to fit in with a group of his classmates but no one accepts him for who he is.

He talks to one kid named, Plato, and when his classmates make fun of him and Plato tries to make Jim feel better, saying, “It’s hard to make friends with these guys,” Jim tells Plato, “I don’t want to make friends. ” (Rebel Without a Cause) Instead of being friends with his classmates, he gets in fights with his classmates like knife fight and chicken run.Adults, his parents and police, also do not listen or talk to him. When there is a problem created, he tries to handle it on his own.

Holden on the other hand runs away from problems. He moves from school to school. Although he seems to have friends, Holden separates himself from people like Carl Luce, Sally, and Jane. He thinks everyone’s a phony after hearing one bad thing about that person. He does not accept people for who they are. He judges at first sight for example like Ackley.

He does not communicate well with his parents, his old teachers, Mr. Spencer and Mr. Antolini.He creates problems but does not face them. Instead, he runs away from the problems like running away from Pencey. Holden and Jim struggle with the same conflict but their reactions to the problem are very different.

Jim Stark is a teenager who does not have many friends because he is not good at bonding with human beings but Jim Stark never gives up trying to make friends. When he first moved in town, he was sent to the police station. He tried to be friendly to Plato who was at the police station but Plato treats Jim like a random stranger. He also meets Judy at the police station.He sees her several days later and asks her if she wants a ride but she already has one. Then he drives up to Judy and her friends and ask for directions.

They just pointed in different places and made fun of him. He keeps on trying to get attention from the “cool kids”. His class takes a field trip to see the planetarium star show and listen to a lecture at the Griffith Observatory. An astronomy lecturer gives an existential narration of the darkness of the universe and Jim tries to make everyone laugh by saying, “Moooooooo” while the lecture is going on.After the lecture, Buzz and a couple of his bully friends make fun of Jim and call him a chicken which lead to a knife fight. Jim and Buzz make a deal on a chicken run.

Buzz asks Jim if he has ever been in a chicken run, and Jim lies by saying, “Yeah, that’s all I ever do. ” As soon as Buzz leaves, Jim asks, “Plato, what is a chicken run? ” (“Rebel Without a Cause”) Jim does not know if he should go or not. Jim decides to think, ‘Dad said it was a matter of honor, remember? They called me chicken.You know, chicken? I had to go because if I didn't I'd never be able to face those kids again. Jim then goes to the chicken run and Buzz ends up dying. Jim gets scared and tells his parents that he will report to the police about it.

His parents tell him not to but Jim makes the “right” decision and goes to the police station. However, the policemen do not listen to Jim and just ignore him. Jim calls Judy late at night after coming back from the police but her father intercepts it and just rudely hangs up. Judy notices that her father hung up the phone and meets Jim in front of his house.

Jim, Plato, and Judy go to Plato’s hidden castle. Buzz’s gang members followed them and try to attack Plato.Plato ends up shooting one of the members so Jim runs and tries to help him but Plato threatens to shoot at him. Jim then tries to follow Plato but Judy stops him. Judy asks Jim to get out of the castle and go home but Jim tells Judy, “Go back? I’m staying. He didn't mean it.

We shouldn't have left him in the first place. He needs us. ” (Rebel Without a Cause) Jim knows where Plato runs away to. Jim does not let Plato just leave, because Plato was Jim’s friend. Jim does not give up on his friend who tries to help him when everyone else treats him horribly. Jim is a character who does not give up easily.

He tries so hard and never gives up on making friends/connecting to human beings. Holden Caulfield is a teenager who gives up easily and does not face the problem he creates. He does not have friends because he does not accept people ever since the lost of his brother, Allie. He has been to 4 different schools but gets kicked out every school because he either runs away, or fails. Holden visits Mr.

Spencer who is his old teacher but he ends up just thinking about ducks instead of thinking about what Mr. Spencer has to say.He then goes to Pencey and meets his “friends. Right when he gets to his dorm, he sees his next door roommate, Ackley. The very first thing he does is he judges him.

He talks about how weird looking Ackley is, saying, “He was about six four-with lousy teeth. He had a lot of pimples. He was sort of a nasty guy” (Salinger, 19). Not only has he judges, he gets in a violent fight with his roommate, Stradlater. He always thinks and talks about Jane but he never really tries to even reach her.

He calls her house but hangs up when she picks up the phone. He spends time with a girl named Sally but he possibly scares her because of his approach towards her.Instead of talking it out, and fixing the problems, he just runs away from Pencey because there are too many “phonies” at that school. He runs away to New York where he knows some people like Carl Luce.

Not only he judges and gets in violent fights with people, he pushes them away from himself. He calls Carl Luce then makes him leave because of how he acts towards him. He acts to his “friends” that makes them dislike him very much. Holden Caulfield is an impulsive person. Jim and Holden struggle with the same conflict but they react to it very differently. When Jim has a problem, he confronts people about it.

Jim tries to make friends but people do not accept for who he is. Holden on the other hand does not face the problem but runs away from the conflict. He does not let others come and help him get through his conflict. Jim and Holden are two young adults who do not have many friends. Human beings feel disconnected and they need to relate to others by approaching towards each other.

We all should be related to each other. People will make wrong decisions, be lonely, and hurt other people’s feelings. Holden and Jim are two innocent teenagers who are very impetuous.